8 November 2012

Review: Nazila Nail Glitz in 'Ladies Club'

Please excuse the late night iPhone photography - I was too excited to try them out to wait and take 'proper' pictures.

When I saw these false nails by Nazila in my local Superdrug last Friday I could not believe my eyes:  stilettoval (a hybrid of stiletto and oval) nails are BIG news right now, especially those of the blinged-up 3D nail art variety favoured by the likes of Rihanna and Jessie J.

There were many designs and shapes to choose from, some stilettoval, some oval and some square; all beautifully decorated and ready to go for prices starting at £9.99. The most expensive set I saw in Superdrug were £14.99 though they go up to £39.99 on the Nazila website.

I opted for Ladies Club, aware that I would be working at the weekend and as I much as I would love to be rocking glitzy Union Jacks and bold nail hardwear, I went for the slightly more sensible and subtle option, though really how subtle can nails like this be?!

Each pack contains a set of 24 nails in varying sizes and little adhesive tabs to stick the nails to your nail, you may remember them from press-on nails sets you had as a child and they're about as sticky now as they were then. I opted to use my own nail glue but if you just want something to stay in place for the night by all means use the tabs. If you use the tabs you can reuse the nails up to four times however I used glue and after removing the nails on Monday I can safely say they can also be reused after gluing as long as you're careful.

Surprisingly they caused me very few issues at work the next day though typing wasn't the easiest of tasks and as for using my iPhone! Well it's probably the only time I've been grateful for autocorrect! With that being said they're clearly not designed to be worn to work or for everyday tasks - they are a fashion accessory first and foremost.

I can say I will 100% be buying a few different sets to try out however I'll mainly be keeping them for a night out or special occasion.

Have you been inspired by the 3D nail art trend? Would you try the Nazila Nail Glitz?

Nazila Nail Glitz 'Ladies Club' - £9.99 from Superdrug or the Nazila website *link*

Vicky x



  1. Holy cow, those are awesome! I've never used press on or any kind of glue on nails. How do they leave your natural nails after use? That's the only reason why I've never used them, scared of ruining my nails. haha Followed you! xx


  2. They're fabulous aren't they?! In my experience glue on nails have done very little damage to my natural nails and I've been wearing them for years since giving up acrylics which really damaged my nails. I pull mine off which you're not supposed to do and my nails are fine; they're strong, they don't flake or split and they're not ridged.

    Following you too! x

  3. Thanks you - they're awesome x

  4. They might not be practical, but they sure do look gorgeous! xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

  5. My thoughts exactly - they're pretty fierce! xx


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