4 November 2012

Sunday Shopping Share: Lush

From left to right: 'Father Christmas' Bath Bomb; 'Snow Fairy' Shower Gel; 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' Fresh Face Mask; 'Helping Hands' Hand Cream.

Like many people I love the Lush Christmas collections and eagerly anticipate their release every year, mainly because by August/September I am running drastically low on Snow Fairy and need to re-stock the second the collection hits the shelves. 

I was late to the Lush Christmas party this year, only venturing back in on Friday where I picked up the following items.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb

I was absolutely obsessed with the 'Satsumo Santa' bath bomb that was sadly discontinued. I'm not ashamed to admit I stockpiled those sweet little Santa's to the extent where I was still using them in March. Three months after the big day. What can I say, I want it to be Christmas All.Year.Round. 

Father Christmas is from the same family as 'Satsumo Santa' and yes, I felt the same guilt dropping him into a scalding bath and watching his little Santa self melt away. However my guilt melted away almost as fast as poor Santa as the bath water turned into pink sparkles and then slowly transitioned into red and green, filling the bathroom with the scent of oranges.

He may not be 'Satsumo Santa' but this little fella is a definite winner for me and I will certainly be repurchasing.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb - £3.25

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Snow Fairy is the #1 Christmas bestseller for Lush and I'm sure almost everybody who has ever bought even the smallest bottle of this pink, glittery perfection can tell you why. Not only is it obnoxiously and unashamedly pink, it smells like a candy wonderland and the new label is both attention grabbing and a perfect representation of this wonder. 

Doubling up as a shower gel and shampoo (I've never used it for the latter), Snow Fairy is top of my Christmas shopping list every single year, yes, it even comes before presents. Impossibly sweet and sitting somewhere between bubblegum and candy floss, Snow Fairy is the sort of scent that should make your teeth ache yet somehow it manages to appeal to me. Strongly scented yet nowhere near overpowering the scent of Snow Fairy lingers on the skin for hours.

I picked up the 100g bottle as a starting point however I will be picking up the 500ml bottle too, as well as hoping Santa doesn't hold any grudges over me melting his 'Satsumo' counterparts and puts a few bottles under the tree for me.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - £3.50 for 100g

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

Okay, so in the pot this face mask looks more like cement than anything else. You could be forgiven for thinking that the blue-grey concoction in the iconic black Lush pot was intended to hold a wall up, not be slathered all over your face. 

Lush Fresh Face Masks are created from a blend of fresh ingredients and a combination of natural oils that form a natural preservative - none of these masks contain any synthetic preservatives and as such they are best used fresh when the ingredients are at their most potent. It also means that these babies need to be kept in the fridge and whilst they smell good enough to eat, Catastrophe Cosmetic smells like blueberry yoghurt, double check when you're having a midnight raid of the fridge as sadly, they're not edible! 

I had intended to purchase Cosmetic Warrior (partly for the name but shhh, don't tell anyone!) however a discussion with the lovely sales associate steered me in the direction of Catastrophe Cosmetic. One whiff of it's beautiful blueberry-ness and I was sold! Catastrophe Cosmetic is a deep cleansing mask designed to calm, smooth and soothe skin and contains a unique blend of ingredients including Irish moss, almond oil, chamomile, blueberries, talc and calamine. The ingredients have been picked and expertly blended to create a multi-purpose product which does exactly what it says on the pot; skin is left feeling cleansed, refreshed, soft and smooth. 

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask - £5.95 for 75g

Helping Hands Hand Cream

I am obsessed with hand cream, particularly in the winter when even my obsessively moisturised mitts feel like they could double as sand paper. I blame this on the changing temperatures, my obsession with hand sanitiser, indoor heating and my inability to keep a pair of gloves - side note, I'm considering mittens on strings, it may be the only way I can avoid losing my gloves!

As such I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect hand cream. I love Soap and Glory Hand Food and I did love L'Occitane for a while however I've been searching for a really rich, thick hand cream that sinks into the skin effortlessly yet keeps my hands moisturised for hours - is that too much to ask for? Not from Lush it isn't! 

Helping Hands is a loose emulsion formula containing a blend of butters and oils which sinks in easily and provides hours of moisture for the hands. My hands already feel softer and ready to take on the winter weather once more. I can already tell that a little goes a very long way with this hand cream and that is definitely reflected in the price, I've spent just under half on an allegedly nourishing hand cream before that I had to apply several times a day and ran out of in record time.

Helping Hands Hand Cream - £7.15 for 100g

Despite falling in love with most products in Lush I always tend to stick to what I know, what are your must have products that I should try?

Vicky x



  1. Lush is great!! Checkout my blog if you get a chance, and follow if you like. :)



  2. good haul! i need to check out that hand cream... it's pink so i'm sucked in already! xxx

  3. That was one of the things that sucked me in too! x

  4. I absolutely love lush face masks too! Added your blog to my reading list, love it x

  5. This was the first face mask from Lush I'd tried but I've a feeling it won't be the last - which one is your favourite? x

  6. I used to use Cupcake all the time because I had really bad skin and it was amazing. I don't use it so much anymore now it's cleared quite a bit but you've inspired me to reinvest in lush! x

  7. Great blog! I'm a new follower, and hope you would like to follow back!



  8. Abbie - I'll look at that next time I pop into Lush. I'd defo suggest checking out their Christmas bits :) x

    Gina - I'll check your blog out now x

  9. I love all LUSH products! I just spent lots of money on some of their products a couple of days ago. So addicting! Thanks for sharing this!

    ~Gina :)

  10. I'd love to see what you bought Gina! Following now x

  11. I love lush products! you brought some great items.

    I'm running a GIVEAWAY on my blog check it out!


  12. I love lush! The snow fairy shower gel smells amazing. Tempted to head over to the store tomorrow. Enjoy the products. :)

  13. Sophie - thanks, will do! x

    Nia - Snow Fairy is amazing isn't it?! x


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