4 December 2012

Hair Tutorial: Elegant Hair Up for Medium to Long Hair

This braided up-do, modelled by the lovely Pippa - isn't she just a doll? is one of my go to styles for hair up. It's simple yet effective and can be worn loose for a more relaxed look.

Firstly, let me introduce you to Pippa: she is by far the most patient model I've worked with. She sits perfectly still, doesn't scream if you accidentally pull her hair and never stops to take a phone call!

I picked Pippa up in Sally's earlier this year to practice my hair up. I know a lot of places that offer hair training to go alongside makeup but they can be exceptionally expensive and I'd rather learn in my own time and at my own pace. Thankfully there's a wealth of YouTube and blog tutorials out there showing you how to achieve all sorts of hair styles which I've found to be incredibly helpful.

It might be slightly creepy for you guys to see hairstyles modelled on a floating head but my hair is black and practically impossible to photograph so despite being a fellow brunette, Pippa decided she'd make her blog debut.

Five Minute Miracle: Braided Hair Up

You will need
  • Medium to long hair, preferably not freshly washed
  • A few hair elastic bands in a complementary colour
  • Some hair/kirkby grips to secure
  • Long tailed comb
  • Hairspray to set
Step One

Brush through the lengths of your hair and using a long tailed comb select a position for your parting. A side parting works best for this look and would help to flatter a side fringe if you have one. 

Step Two

Starting on one side of the head, section the hair into three and begin a French plait/braid. On this side of the head I opted to bring the outer (3) and inner (1) strands over the middle (2) strand. With a French plait you need to pick up an additional piece of hair as you braid, I pick up my inner (1) strand. 

Braid towards the back of the ear, picking up thicker strands as you go to create a softer, less structured look. For a perfectly polished, tighter finish ensure the strands are the same width the whole way. 

When you reach the back of the ear continue to plait normally until you reach the ends of the hair. Secure with an elastic. 

Step Three

Repeat the same process on the other side of the head. If you've gone for a side parting you will have less hair to braid this side. 

Step Four

Once you've braided both sides, pull to the back of the head and secure with an elastic, as though you were creating a ponytail just using the braids.

Step Five

Gather the remaining hair together with the braids and begin to secure as though you were creating a ponytail. As you twist the elastic for the final time, do not pull the hair fully through. This will create something that resembles the above picture. If you have long hair, you will need to begin this process on your second turn so that you're left with two 'mini buns' so as to avoid ends.

Step Six

Use your fingers to create a hole in the hair at the place where you secured the two plaits together.

Put the little bun into this hole, ensuring all ends are tucked in and distribute evenly, using hair grips to secure.

Douse with hairspray. 

And you're done! 

You can leave the hair as it is or you could add accessories into the middle - I've used this style for weddings and have added jewelled clips, flowers and even a broach to decorate. I think it looks equally as chic without any adornments though a few scattered flowers through loose plaits is a gorgeous spring look.

You could pull pieces out at the front to frame the face or add some backcombing at the crown - it's so easy to make your mark on this style.

I hope you enjoyed this little hair tutorial and I would absolutely love to see the results if you try it. I think I'll be wearing it to my Christmas party with a red lip!

Vicky x



  1. This is lovely :) perfect for a night out to avoid getting frizzy hair from the heat! xox

    The Style Khaleesi

  2. Thank you honey! I agree, it's so versatile xx

  3. This is so pretty and seems easy to do. I'm going to try it out, thanks :)

  4. Just found your blog. Love this braided hair :)

    Kisses, Elena

  5. Christine - I'd love to see the results! x

    Elena - Thank you! x

  6. oooh, i did my hair similarly to this today! I am horrible with french braiding though.... I wish I was better.


  7. Liv - practice definitely makes perfect. I could never, ever do it. I'd still like to be better at it x

  8. This is cute! ^_^ I want to try this for my upcoming prom ^_^

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    I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
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    Looking forward for your participation :)
    Fallow my blog and I will SURELY follow your blog too :)
    Have a great day!

    Much Love!

  9. Just been browsing around blogs and found yours, i'm so happy that I did. I love trying out new hairstyles and this would be soo nice and something different for college! I'm going to try it out now! :)
    Im now following your blog, take a look at mine if you like :)

    Nicolle x
    Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle

  10. Thank you Nicolle, I'd love the see the results if you try this! Following you already x


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