19 December 2012

Luxury Wish List #1

I decided to put together a little list of the luxury items I would love to own but sadly don't. I thought I would put them on here so I can come back and look at this post whenever I need a little added motivation to work harder or save more!

Aspinal of London 'Marylebone Tote'
I've long admired the Aspinal of London pieces and think that owning one of them would finally make me feel like an actual proper grown up. This bag is far from cheap but it's a timeless classic, an investment if you will, and I'll be saving up for it next year.

Mulberry iPhone Cover
I would be utterly lost without my iPhone so I think it deserves a safe and stylish little home rather than being shoved in my pocket. Another piece that I see as an investment, this is a little luxury treat that's slightly more affordable.

Christian Louboutin Decollete 100 Patent Leather Pumps
A predictable choice but for years I've dreamed of owning a pair of Louboutins. I've heard they're not the most comfortable footwear but I think they'd be the perfect grown up work shoe. One day I will eventually make the transition from embellished pumps to proper ladylike Louboutins... one day!

Ray-Ban cat eye acetate sunglasses
I love sunglasses and as someone who wears glasses and contact lenses (not at the same time of course) I see all eye protection as an investment and I love these Ray-Bans. I've never been very drawn to the Wayfarers or Aviators as I don't feel they suit my face shape but these cat eye sunglasses have the beautiful elevation and elongation that screams Jackie O and 50s glamour.

Apple iPad
I've wanted an iPad since they were first launched but never thought I'd be able to use one! Since getting my iPhone earlier this year I've fallen in love with Apple products and would love to get my hands on an iPad particularly as I do travel outside of London quite a lot and it would be nice to have something to occupy me on long train journeys/flights rather than lugging a heavy laptop (and often a makeup and hair kit) around with me.

Apple MacBook Pro
The product I am least likely to get my hands on in the foreseeable future. As with many things, I've wanted a MacBook for quite some time now but I've never been able to justify the price and I find it quite an intimidating piece of technology however after having a little play with one at a friends, I am totally sold.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph Watch
The world and his wife seem to love Michael Kors watches and I'm no different. I have really tiny wrists and always thought the large face would be too overpowering on my little wrists however I tried this watch on a few weeks ago and it didn't look too large at all.

Smythson Notebook
Another one of my 'grown up' and 'investment' purchases. Smythson notebooks are so undeniably chic and classic. I admit it is a lot of money to spend on a notebook and you could arguably get something that looks the same from Paperchase which is probably why this will always stay on my wishlist until I can justify it (if ever!) but I would absolutely love to own one.

Which luxury items are you lusting over?

Vicky x


  1. I have a major case of the Louboutin fever at the moment!! Love the same ones you've posted about! Maybe one day :) xx

  2. My wish list is almost identical to yours! I'd love to stroll around in a pair of louboutins whilst showing off a Michael Kors rose gold watch! I've settled for a much less expensive rose gold watch from River Island this Christmas though haha!
    Great blog post!

    Nicolle x

  3. I'm currently "borrowing" my step dad's iPad and I love it. I hope you get your hands on something on your wishlist. I don't think I own one single "high end" thing.

  4. Lauren - They're gorgeous aren't they? I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet next year and buy them! x

    Nicolle - Ooh really, which one did you get? I think I've just decided I want to look like Millie from MIC! x

    Christine - they're fab aren't they? I'd really like one. x

  5. Love everrrrrything! I have never looked at Aspinal for bags but that one is lovely. Sadly I just had to return my MK watch - it started going blue?!?! xx

  6. love the watch!


  7. Sandy - ah no way! That isn't good at all. Did they replace it for you?! x

    Jade - thanks, me too! x


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