21 December 2012

NOTD: Festive Fingers

As I'm working all weekend (boo, hiss and sob) I thought I'd do my Christmas nails today. It's my first attempt at any sort of nail art and it's fair to say I don't have the patience or flair for working in such a small space!

I decided to just do my ring finger on each hand, on the other nails I used Barry M 150 'Red Glitter'.

Yes I know, I need a good cuticle oil/cream - suggestions? 

I used Barry M 66 'Matt White' as a base all over the nail. I used Nina Ultra Pro 'Beige-a Vu' for my reindeer and Nina Ultra Pro 'Call the Coppers' for the antlers. Sadly the beautiful copper colour didn't translate as well here. I used a black nail art pen to dot two eyes on and a little dot of my Barry M red for the nose.

Vicky x


  1. This looks so nice! It's hard to keep your patience with nail art but it's always nice to have a special ring finger :) x

  2. Sooo cute!! I think in going to try and attempt this tonight! Xx

  3. Aw so cute! I keep meaning to try some nail art it always looks lovely :)
    Cuticle cream is recommend burts bees x

  4. Your nails look amazing! I think I may have to go for the same look, I'd love to do a whole hand of nail art but I really don't have the patience for it!

  5. I need to get the Red Glitter nail polish! So pretty! And the reindeer looks adorable. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  6. Lauren - it's definitely hard to keep your patience with it, how people do two hands amazes me! x

    Sandy - Thank you! Did you attempt it? x

    Laura - Thank you, you should give it a go :) Thanks, I'll check the cuticle cream out also. x

    Cassidy - Thank you! My thoughts exactly, I could never have done a whole hand! x

    Sandra - Oh you do, it's a gorgeous colour but as with most glitters it can be a pain to remove! x


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