2 December 2012

Sunday Shopping Share: Sally's

Sally's were holding a VAT Free day a few weeks ago so I popped along to pick up some lashes and left with a little bit more than I intended!

I am a Sally's Pro card holder so I do receive a professional discount on the products I buy however all prices listed will be the RRP.

OPI 'Elephantastic Pink'

I believe this colour was launched in the OPI India collection a few years ago yet somehow I've never seen it before. It's a warm pink-coral shade, similar to Barry M 'Pink Flamingo'. It's a beautiful summer/holiday colour and I think it'd look great with a tan.

It took two coats to achieve opacity.

OPI Elephantasitc Pink - £11 for 15ml

OPI 'Japanese Rose Garden'

I've been looking for this shade of pink for longer than I care to remember - it's a sophisticated slightly dusky pink with a mauve undertone that gives it a bit of a kick. It's not too dusky which I've found can sometimes translate as being flat and I put that down in part to the mauve undertone which cools and brightens it. There's a very slight shimmer to it that provides a sheen rather than a glittery effect. It's a versatile colour that would also be suitable for work and would compliment all skin tones.

Again, two coats for full opacity.

OPI Japanese Rose Garden - £11 for 15ml 

Sleep-In Rollers Fringe Roller

This was an impulse buy. I usually use velcro rollers to create some volume in my hair and I love the sweeping effect it creates at the front of my hair, it's like getting a professional blow dry, however I've always struggled to wind my fringe around conventional rollers as they're never long enough which was what made me pick this up.

I'm yet to try it so I'll let you know my thoughts when I do.

Sleep-In Rollers Fringe Roller - £4.50 (I think!)

Nina Ultra Pro 'Lilac-ing Discipline'

I think Nina Ultra Pro nail polishes are new to Sally's as I've never seen them in my local store before and with the variety of colours I definitely wouldn't have missed them! 

This is a beautiful, creamy nail polish and the perfect glossy lilac shade. 

Opaque after just one coat, I still applied two.

Nina Ultra Pro Lilac-ing Discipline - £3.98 for 14ml

Nina Ultra Pro 'Purple Xing'

This is a purple based polished packed full of multi-tonal glitter that makes it a really unique shade. Despite being packed full of chunky glitter it was exceptionally easy to remove and lasted well without chipping. The texture when applied, as with most glitter polishes, was quite gritty however a good top coat later and that was solved.

Again, opaque after just one coat however I did apply two.

Nina Ultra Pro Purple Xing - £3.98 for 14ml

I'll definitely be purchasing more of the Nina Ultra Pro range, the colours are stunning and the formula and brush are superb. Not to mention the fact that they're an absolute bargain!

I also managed to pick up some lashes...

Liz Martins Inspire Strip Lashes

Liz Martins is a celebrity makeup artist and lash guru, having created lashes for the Girls Aloud tours, Liz now has a range of lashes exclusive to Salon System. 

I'd heard a lot of good things about the Liz Martins lashes but I'd struggled to find them for sale anywhere and I'd always rather see something in person rather than buying off of the internet where possible. I chose the Inspire lashes because I love the way they're designed; the layering, lengthening and sweep at the outer corner is everything I look for in a lash. They also have some sparkly bits on there that caught my eye.

Liz Martins Inspire Strip Lashes - £4.20

Ardell Natural Demi Wispies Strip Lashes

This was a repurchase for me, Ardell Demi Wispies are one of my favourite pairs of lashes of all time. They're so light and feathery and just utterly divine. They look exceptionally natural and I've worn them during the day as well as a night time - they're so versatile.

Ardell Natural Demi Wispies Strip Lashes - £3.19

I can get a bit carried away in Sally's and I already have a list of things I need to purchase next time they have a VAT free day!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Vicky x


  1. Oooh Elephant Pink looks gorgeous! I've never tried any O.P.I polishes as I can't bring myself to part with the cash - I really need to just take the plunge xxx

  2. They're excellent quality but I'd say go for the mini bottles first, unless you absolutely adore a colour you're unlikely to use a big bottle up! If you've a Sally's near you I fully recommend the Nina Ultra Pro as a similar and vastly cheaper alternative xx

  3. How did you get on with the sleep in rollers ? I am thinking of getting some but unsure how well they will work x

  4. Hannah - I got on well with them. I'm thinking of doing a full review this week but I found they worked surprisingly well x


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