29 January 2013

How To: Apply Glue-On/Press-On Nails

You will all know by now that I love my glue-on nails; they're the cheats guide to a lasting manicure in my opinion and they represent how I'd love my natural nails to look.

My nails aren't in bad condition and I don't feel the glue-on nails do too much harm to them; there's very little damage when I remove them and my nails never feel weaker after wearing them. The main reason I do wear them is because despite the fact they're strong, my nails always break at work and once one goes, they all have to go. That and nail polish lasts so much longer and I'm sick to death of repairing chips every single day - topcoat or not, I cannot stop my nail polish chipping and it drives me insane. 

You will need

  • Hand/cuticle cream
  • Nail file
  • Hoof stick
  • Orange stick (you don't need both, it's up to you which you prefer)
  • A set of glue on nails
  • Nail polish of your choice 

I like to use Elegant Touch - I find they fit my nails better, the longevity is better and they come in a range of styles, colours and lengths.

My favourites are the Totally Bare as you can paint them in whichever colour you want and they're a great size for nail art too. I also like the Polished sets, particularly at short notice. If I need to go out and my nails aren't looking their best, I always run to Superdug and grab these babies and apply them on the train!

What's inside the box varies by which set you're using. I'll be using the Totally Bare set for this post and so inside the box there are 48 nails in 10 sizes, a little nail file/buffer and some nail glue.

The protective nail glue is my favourite nail glue to use. I get at least 5 days wear out of my nails before any start to come loose when I use this nail glue and that includes polish changes. I always keep one in my bag, just in case a nail pings off as it often does at work!

The nails come in a variety of sizes and are separated into two little sections. You'll get at least two full sets out of each packet.

How to Apply

1. Firstly you'll need to prep your nails. Make sure they're clean and free from polish. Apply a little cuticle cream and using a hoof stick or an orange stick, gently push the cuticles back. Wash your hands to remove any residue from the nails and dry thoroughly.

2. Select the correct size and fit for your nails. I've been using these for so long I know which numbers I need for which nail so it's a really quick process. If you're unfamiliar with the nails it's a good idea to match them each time, you'll soon get used to them.

3. When you've selected your nails, lay them out in order of the nails they're for to help you when you're applying them.

4. With the nozzle of the glue at a 45 degree angle, apply a coating of glue over the nail bed.

5. Place the nail at a 90 degree angle near the cuticle and press down firmly, pushing any air bubbles out as you do so.

6. Repeat for the remaining fingers on that hand. Leave the little tabs on until you've completed the whole hand.

7. When you've finished one hand, snap the little tabs off and file any rough edges. Don't worry if you have what looks like a few little air bubbles, you're going to paint over the nails anyway.

8. Repeat for the other hand.

9. Paint in the colour of your choice. I chose Revlon 'Ruby Ribbon' which is matte.

How to Remove Your Nails

I'm the worst person to give advice on this because I peel mine off once they start to lift which is very bad. Don't do it! Do as I say and not as I do and all that jazz...

1. Soak the nails in nail polish remover, they'll soon start to lift or melt enough to be removed safely.

2. I think Elegant Touch do a remover for the glue on nails but it's basically just nail polish remover...

If you've any questions, please ask. 

Have you ever tried your own glue on nails? 

Vicky x



  1. I love Elegant Touch for false nails :)
    I always buy the french tipped ones the lasting power is so good!
    And I'm naughty like you with the peeling them off xx

    1. I just find something strangely relaxing about peeling them off, especially if I am stressed xx

  2. oh very nice! I never use these nails, they just feel so 'false' on me haha I know that sounds daft but still xox

    1. My mum has always said the same but I don't even notice them now, they just feel like my own where I've used them for so long. I do understand what you mean though :) xx

  3. thank you for following me! I followed you back ♥


    xx ♥

  4. I have absolutely no idea how to apply false nails, I always thought they look so fake but yours look pretty natural since they have a normal size... I really dislike Barbie nails!


  5. Great tutorial... I love wearing fake nails as they always make your nails feel and look so neat. I use to bite my nails so that was always a nightmare but since then they have grown but I can never get them even - that's where false nails come in handy! x

    1. I'm exactly the same. I don't bite mine but they're still not even and it distresses me! x

  6. Nice to know your blog, already following you! http://womenspleasuresandtreasures.blogspot.com

  7. Lovely post!



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