1 January 2013

My New Year's Resolutions/Goals for 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 is filled with happiness, health and joy for you all.

I scheduled this post a few days ago because I'm at work for the first few days of the year but I wanted to get this post up before it was 'too late' so to speak!

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I think targets and goals are important things to have in life, no matter how large or small they may be, and I set myself little goals and targets throughout the year and January is no different. I was loathe to title this post 'resolutions' as to me they're not resolutions as such: I'm not going to resolve to eat less chocolate, drink less wine (I don't drink much at all FYI!) or cycle to work; but I am going to aim to reach some milestones; some large, some small - all equally as important to me.

My Resolutions/Goals for 2013

1. Pass my driving test
I started learning to drive in summer of 2012 and I've had 24 lessons to date though I've been on a break from my lessons since early November. This year I would like to pass my driving test and I think it's within reach. I've booked my theory test for sometime in the near future and that's the first step towards getting my licence. 

2. Try a hot yoga class
This goal is purposefully titled; try a hot yoga class rather than take up hot yoga. This is for two reasons: the first being that hot yoga isn't for everyone, the heat especially can be off-putting and difficult for many people and until I try, I won't know whether I'm one of those people. The second reason is I don't want to commit myself to something I may not enjoy. 

3. Set a monthly budget to help build my savings
This will probably be the hardest task for me and one that I'll wobble on. Each month I plan to set myself a budget to enable me to save more efficiently than previously - it doesn't count as saving if you spend it the next month on yet another pair of glittery shoes! There are a few reasons behind this goal, one of them being that I'm 22 now and I need to start acting like an adult and another being that I want to visit my family in Australia this year or early 2014 and glittery shoes won't get me there!

4. Attend an evening class to learn a language
I took Spanish classes to GCSE level whilst at school and it was something I thoroughly enjoyed and wish I had continued with. I spent some time last year researching evening classes in London and narrowed it down to one school. This year I want to take the plunge and book (and attend!) the classes with an aim to (re)learning the language.

5. Master cooking a roast dinner
This is one of my smaller goals and despite the fact I can bake and cook, I can't quite work out the timings with a roast or indeed any other meal that requires you to time things or do more than one thing at once!

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions/goals? What were they?

Vicky x


  1. Id like to try a hot yoga class too but Im not too sure how Id cope! Let me know how it goes! And good luck with your driving! I love being a driver, Ive recently got my own car and I love him haha xox

    The Style Khaleesi

    1. I'm exactly the same! I've heard it may not be too good for people who have dizzy spells either because of the heat :-\

      Thank you! I love my lessons so I can't wait to be able to drive. I've set my heart on an Audi A5 haha - never going to happen! xx

  2. Hello gorgeous! Our resolutions are pretty much exactly the same haha! I am posting mine later (once I have caught up on my fave blogs) I have to pass my driving test again, sooo annoying! Good luck with yours! Loved this post xxx

    1. I've just caught up with yours. Good luck with your driving test and thank you! xxx

  3. My three were to start running again (although I need to find myself a partner, because I really don't want to run with my dad!), get back down to my target weight (put so much weight on before and during Christmas!) and to secure a full-time job. After reading yours, obviously I want to pass my driving test too. I think that'll happen fairly soon though! Fingers crossed anyway xx

    1. I'd love to start running but I don't have a running partner either :( I really don't mind running so I wish I did! Good luck with all of your resolutions; I'm sure you'll achieve them all xx

  4. Good luck with your driving test!! Id love to give hot yoga a try too and learn a new language is always one of mine (I fail every year ha). I've just put a post up with mine, my main one is to say yes more! Xx

    1. Thank you hun! I really want to try and stick at learning a new language, I think it'll open up so many doors. I've just caught up with yours, great post! xx

  5. Hey! Thanks for your post :)
    This has totally inspired me to try learn French haha.
    I have wanted to for ages. Might download a disc and start teaching myself xo

    1. Good luck! Let me know how you get on :) xx


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