22 February 2013

Behind the Scenes: On Set With Union J

Late last year I assisted makeup artist and my mentor, Nicci Jackson on a shoot with Union J for Bliss magazine. 

Nicci is an international makeup artist with over 15 years experience and the founder of, and tutor at, London MUSE which is where I trained. When she mentioned last year that she was looking for an assistant for a published magazine shoot with Union J I jumped at the chance. 

Assisting is one of the key aspects to a makeup artists career and if I ever feel disheartened with the industry or at a loss I know I can always rely on Nicci to remind me why I love makeup artistry. I really enjoy assisting as it's fantastic experience for any makeup artist to watch, learn and do. 

This was the finished article - Union J for Bliss magazine for Valentine's Day.

Nicci making some minor on set adjustments.

Everyone loves seeing their name in print!

We also shot this cover which unfortunately I can't seem to find anywhere which makes me sad. I'd love to get my hands on it so I'll have to keep looking.

The boys were so easy to work with and had great energy on set. One of the best part about assisting is the amount you learn, it's important to never stop learning and I always learn something new with Nicci.

Vicky x


  1. What an amazing experience, I don't know who are these guys, I guess some UK band?
    I had to do the make up for two male rap singers not so long ago and it was challenging as it should look like real skin !

    You make me really want to study in London muse :(



    1. They were on X Factor last year, similar to One Direction.

      Definitely, with men it's so important it doesn't look like they're wearing makeup.

      I'd recommend MUSE to anyone :) xx

  2. Assisting seems like an amazing experience. I love your blog xx

    1. It is and it's so important for new MUAs too. Thank you, that's a lovely thing to say xx

  3. Ahhh those boys are just beautiful haha! I love assisting too, it's scary how much you think you know and then you go on a shoot and learn something totally new and life changing! The amount of tips I have picked up from assisting other muas is ridiculous. Loved this post babe xxxx

    1. They are! Assisting is so important, even seeing how other people interact on set in a massive learning curve. xxxx


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