12 February 2013

Review: Emma Hardie Professional Facial Starter Kit

The Emma Hardie Amazing Face skincare range has taken the beauty blogging world by storm recently with rave review after rave review. Having read such good things about this range and in particular the cult Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm I really wanted to try it but at approximately £34 and with sensitive skin, I wasn't prepared to purchase the full sized product.

Thankfully I joined What's In My Handbag and saw this Professional Facial Starter Kit containing the famous cleansing balm in a sample size, for just £25. I snapped it up and waited patiently for the kit to arrive. 

The set contains: Emma Hardie Dual Action Cleansing Cloth, Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Firming Eye Serum (10ml), Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Hydrating and Firming Treatment Moisturiser (15ml), Emma Hardie Amazing Face Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds (10g) and Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm (15ml).

Also included was a leaflet that detailed different types of facial massage that can be incorporated into your skincare routine as well as listing their various benefits which I found to be a nice touch. It was educational and it's good to see a skincare brand really aware of the skin and how it works.

I've been using the products for a month now and here are my thoughts.

Dual Action Cleansing Cloth

Emma Hardie suggests you always remove your Moringa Cleansing Balm with this Dual Action Cleansing Cloth. One side is a muslin cloth and the other a soft micro fibre cloth which together create a buff and polish cloth. The muslin side provides gentle exfoliation whilst the micro fibre side is best suited for delicate areas such as around the eyes.

You immerse the cloth in warm water and wring out the excess (frightfully obvious I know, I do apologies for the Idiot's Guide to using a face cloth!) and use the muslin side to exfoliate and the micro fibre side to polish. I love muslin cloths for cleansing and if I'm honest I found the micro fibre side a little redundant, even with the excess water rung out I found the micro fibre side to be quite heavy which in turn dragged, albeit gently, the skin.

Would I say it was better than a muslin cloth or even a good old fashioned flannel or wash cloth? Not for me, no. My face felt no cleaner after using it than it does after using a muslin cloth or normal flannel.

Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloths - £10 for three

Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Firming Eye Serum

The eye serum was an added bonus for me as I don't really use eye creams or serums (I'm only 22 and whilst there's nothing wrong with getting in early, I'm happy to forgo this step at the moment). A unique blend of natural ingredients and Emma Hardie's famous active marine ingredients combine to create a cooling eye serum designed to alleviate the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines whilst boosting circulation to the eye area, and as the name suggests, firming the delicate skin around the eye.

I take the tiniest amount of the serum and starting from the inner corner and working outwards pat it where my cheek and lower orbital bones meet - eye creams and serums are drawn up into the areas where they are needed so it's important not to apply them too closely to the eye as too much moisture will be drawn into the area resulting in puffy eyes which is the opposite of what you wish to achieve. I wait for it dry and then apply my facial moisturiser.

I've never suffered with puffy eyes or dark circles and fine lines are not of a concern to me at the moment so it's hard to say how effective this has been on me. It's a nice step, one that feels slightly indulgent and I do enjoy using it.

Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Eye Serum - £34 for 15ml

Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Hydrating and Firming Treatment Moisturiser

The stand out product for me. I'm quite particular when it comes to moisturiser, I like something that has some weight to it, I want it to feel rich yet I also want something that's weightless when it is applied to the skin. I like a moisturiser that absorbs easily and doesn't leave behind a greasy residue and for me, this ticks those boxes. It looks and feels rich yet it is deceptively light weight and absorbs quickly into the skin and as such can be used as a day or night cream.

Like the other products the Hydrating and Firming Moisturiser contains botanic enriched marine extracts, natural ingredients and essential oils. The scent is quite strong which worried me initially as I do have very sensitive skin however I haven't had any problems using it. It reminds me of Sisley products which smell very natural and almost herbal - I'd go as far as saying the scent is a little overpowering however the product itself is fantastic so it's something I can live with.

Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Hydrating and Firming Treatment Moisturiser - £38 for 50ml

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds

Rosehip is renowned for its skincare benefits and has been included in the Emma Hardie range in the form of exfoliating seeds which can be mixed in with the Moringa balm or used on their own for a thorough exfoliation with all of the benefits of Rosehip.

I really like the Rosehip seeds, I probably wouldn't have looked twice at them but I really like them. They're coarse but not scratchy and they exfoliate the skin without being abrasive or damaging to the skin.

Unfortunately I can't find this for sale individually. 

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm

I like cleansing balms, they can be a little tricky to get used to but once you do you start to appreciate them. I started using this product with incredibly high hopes, everyone had raved about how amazing it was so it almost pains me to admit I was disappointed. 

As well as cleansing and moisturising the skin, the Moringa balm is designed to purify, rejuvenate and recondition the skin whilst minimising the appearance of pores. Whilst there can be no argument that the Moringa balm moisturises the skin I'm a little apprehensive to say it fulfils the other claims, for me at least.

I don't wear masses of makeup on an every day basis, in fact I wear very little, as such I do remove my makeup with my cleanser most days. If I don't use a separate makeup remover prior to cleansing I always double cleanse, in fact I double cleanse more often than not however with the Moringa balm, my face wasn't makeup free even after three cleanses and when I had removed my makeup prior to cleansing I found the Moringa balm left a residue on my skin despite the thorough cleanse and remove with the Emma Hardie Dual Action Cleansing Cloth and my own wash cloth! 

I wasn't a fan of the scent of the balm either, it reminded me of the cleaning products used in hotels on holiday which is quite a harsh smell for such a natural product.

Whilst there can be no argument that my skin felt softer after using the Moringa balm it really isn't the cleanser for me and I'm glad I discovered that before buying a full sized product that in honesty, I wouldn't use. I now use the balm as an intensive moisture treatment once a week.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm - £34 for 100ml

I understand the last opinion may have been slightly controversial and I so wanted to love all of the products but truth be told, I didn't. I think they would be great for people with more mature skin or very dry skin but I won't be continuing with this regime once I've used the products up.

Skincare is a very individual thing so what works for one person might not work for another which is why it's always important to try something for yourself. If you're interested in Emma Hardie products I would suggest trying one of the sample kits, you could find a product you love that you wouldn't necessarily have tried.

How you tried the Emma Hardie range? What did you think?

Vicky x


  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this!
    I smelt the Moringa Cleansing Balm in Space NK and it was too much for me. I like my balms to have a scent but this was too overpowering for me.
    I'm happy to stick with my REN Purity Cleansing Balm :) x

    1. If the product blew me away I could live with the scent but I didn't so I couldn't.

      I must try REN ASAP! x

  2. I love this stuff i purchased the full size after using the starter kit :) i know what you mean about the scent but the more i use it i dont mind it anymore.

    Charlie xx

    1. I wish I did :( The scent wasn't the main factor for me but because I disliked the rest I couldn't settle x

  3. I love the cleansing balm and am quite the oposite in that I loved the scent. But when it was a grower, I did poke my nose up a little when I first smelt it!

    beckys makeup

    1. I'm glad it works for you :) If I liked the product I'd ignore the scent but not feeling or seeing any benefits it's just another thing to mention x

  4. I'm still a bit undecided about the Moranga cleanser, the fist time I used it I really didn't like it, it left lots of residue on my skin, but the second time I though it was ok. I only have a sample tub so, I think I need to use it a bit more to make a defiant decision. Very interested in the rose-hip seeds though, they sound lovely :)


    1. The Rosehip seeds are fantastic, I'd definitely recommend trying them if you like an exfoliator you can feel working x

  5. Ugh.. just ordered the cleansing balm a few hours ago after debating for a good few weeks.. typical. :(
    Great review though! :) x

    1. Aw, you may like it though! I didn't dislike it as such, I just wasn't blown away by it and I don't find it any better than other cleansers or cleansing balms x


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