12 March 2013

Sally's Haul

Since I've started working Monday to Friday I've been doing less and less shopping. I really hate shopping at weekends and despite the odd browse, I like to spend my lunch break actually having my lunch, so it's rare I do any proper shopping anymore.

With that being said I popped into Sally's on Saturday on my way to watch the rugby and drawn in by the VAT Free sticker on the window I got a little carried away - FYI it's VAT Free on salon equipment and not products so I had a rather painful moment when I handed my card over.

Keep in mind that as a makeup artist I am fortunate enough to receive a professional discount so it wasn't as expensive as it looks! I'm not going to include prices for the same reason - I simply can't remember the RRP.

Silhouette Super Hold Hairspray

I swear by Silhouette hairspray and always have a can or two in my hair styling kit. The hold is immense yet light, I hate sticky, crispy hairspray and this is neither. It's lightweight and brushes out with ease.

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacare Hair Therapy Oil Miracle Shampoo, Liquid Conditioner and Gold Shimmer Treatment 

The Schwarzkopf BC Bonacare Hair Therapy Oil Miracle range is a professional, salon exclusive hair care range. The products are enriched with argan oil and suitable for all hair types. I used this on Sunday and my hair was super soft and shiny but I'll write a proper review when I've had time to trial them properly. 

OPI Euro Centrale Collection

When I saw pictures of the OPI Euro Cnetrale collection I instantly fell in love but when looking at swatches in Sally's I had to force myself to pick a few and I wanted to pick shades I don't have a million copies of - not sure how successful that was (it wasn't at all!) but I think I'll pop back for a few others...

From left to right: Suzi's Hungary Again, You're Such A Budapest, Can't Find My Czech Book and I Saw, U Saw, We Saw... Warsaw.

Nina Ultra Pro

I couldn't resist adding to my growing collection of Nina Ultra Pro nail polishes, the quality and colours are gorgeous and they're SO cheap! I picked up Anaconda Liked It which is a gorgeous mid-green and In A Tif which, unsurprisingly, is the Tiffany box colour in a bottle. 

Mask Sponges

I decided to pick up a small packet of mask/cleansing sponges to see how I get on with them. So far I'm really liking them but again, I'll have a proper review up in a few weeks. They're a great idea though!

Despite my claim at the start of this post about being a reformed shopper you may have seen on Twitter on Monday that I couldn't resist a trip to a pharmacy on my lunch break... 

Vicky x


  1. Im a bad bblogger, Ive never tried OPI stuff! I was browsing them in Sallys last week though. I hate shopping at weekends too, everywhere is so busy :( xox

    1. I really like OPI but if you're in Sallys then check out the Nina Ultra Pro instead - quality is just as good and they're a fraction of the price. Weekend shopping is the worst!! xx

  2. Oh wow, that hair oil looks amazing. i've never even been to Sally's! How bad is that?! Great haul xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It does, I've been trialling it this week so I'll be reviewing them soon. Sally's seems to be pretty hard to come by for a lot of people :( xx

  3. I love all the nail polishes, especially the OPI ones!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook


  4. Great stuff! I love OPI products

    Would you like to follow each other, dear?
    Please let me know! Looking forward to hearing from you!



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