18 April 2013

Review and How To: Ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure

I'm not really one for nail art or following nail trends, mainly because I don't have the patience for it so the launches of the caviar, velvet, leather/textured nail products have happily passed me by. One product I couldn't resist though was the Ciate Very Colourfoil manicure set.

As the Selfridges lights picked up the beautiful foiled box I knew I couldn't resist giving this one and try and a quick glance over the instructions on the back made it look simple enough: no fiddling or fussing which is perfect for me.

Each set contains instructions, a nail art wheel, foil fix glue, nail foils and a full size Ciate polish.

Each set contains five different foils and you get five of each foil. They're surprisingly economical and really last - one of the things putting me off buying this set was that it was quite pricey for something so transient but you definitely get use out of the foils - I used two main colours (and a third for an accent on my two ring fingers) and managed to get both hands done without using an entire sheet.

My set contained foils in: Blaze, Babe, Bounce, Beaut, Bloom and Brill.

My kit came with the shade Pepperminty which is a gorgeous Tiffany-box shade. The polish is well pigmented and although I opted for a different shade for my fingers, I applied it to my toes and it was opaque after one colour - my only gripe is with the smell: it's SO overpowering and it's what puts me off buying Ciate polishes usually.

The kit is surprisingly easy to use and completely idiot proof, it's also a lot less messy than the Caviar and Velvet manicure sets which is always a bonus.

To start with, apply two coats of your nail polish of choice - again, I opted not to use Pepperminty as I was wearing a white dress and orange heels so I didn't want anything that would clash.

I decided to use Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Lychee as my base coat. I already had a rough idea of the design I wanted - my dress was quite detailed so I didn't want to use any colour that would compete for attention so I settled on a simple silver holo and gold design that would be placed sporadically over the nails.

After your two coats of nail polish have completely dried, paint on a layer of Foil Fix adhesive and allow it to go clear and tacky. Once the glue becomes clear, place your foil shiny side UP onto the nail, press firmly and then pull away.

It's like sticking Quality Street wrappers to your nails (mmm... Quality Street, my favourites are the Strawberry/Orange cremes - how about you?)

As you can see, the foils come off sporadically so you get a custom finish every time - no two nails will be the same which I like.

You can then layer the foils over and around each other if you want to, creating a full foil nail.

As I've said, I wanted to keep mine quite simple as I didn't want anything to distract from, or clash with, my dress. 

Once you've finished applying your foils, apply a good top coat to seal everything and prevent lifting or wearing. I applied Seche Vite and my foils survived baths, showers, hair washing and antibacterial hand gel with no chipping, lifting or scuffing on the edges.

I think the brighter colours over a black base would look really cool and even the foils over no base colour - as I applied mine over press on nails they're clear so I think they'd create a really interesting effect.

Ciate Limited Edition Colourfoul Manicure Kit - £18.00 available at Selfridges. 

Have you tried the Ciate Colourfoil Manicure? Which nail art trends are you favourites?

Vicky x



  1. This is SO pretty! Love the colour combination you used too. Ahh I reaalllly want to pick this kit up now! P.s. my faves Are te strawberry creams too *dropl* xx

    1. Thanks hun, I'd definitely recommend it! xx

  2. Ah, I'm so glad I just saw this review! I saw the kit the other day and almost bought it, now I know I definitely will!

    1. Let me know how you get on with it :) x

  3. Wow! I love the messy and random look, I am definitely getting these!


  4. I've been meaning to buy one of these kits for ages and I'm still yet to try the velvet manicure. The only problem is my patience and I usually get bored after doing one or two nails! And I know I'd end up getting all in a mess! xx

    1. Same! On the plus side this kit is nearly impossible to make a mess with although some did stick to my fingers! xx

  5. I LOVE THESE! Really need to get hold of some, shame there's no Selfridges near me :( xxx


    1. Thanks hun :) ah what a shame :( it's available online though :) I'd suggest ordering from someone other than Selfridges though as their delivery charges are quite high xxx

  6. HOLD ME! That nail polish shade is a beauty. I've never given Ciate much attention but I love robin egg blues. Stunning blog x



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