13 May 2013

Review: Philosophy '27 Wishes' Balm

For years now I've sworn by the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream so when I was very kindly given the chance to try the 27 Wishes* multi-purpose skin nurturing balm from skincare brand Philosophy I jumped at the chance.

 I've long been a fan of Philosophy products, particularly their bath products so I was keen to see if their   skin care also hit the mark.

Multi-purpose balms are a wonderful thing - even as a beauty blogger and makeup artist that hoards numerous products, I still want one product that does everything: one that I can apply to my face, my hands and my body and not have to worry about whether or not it's too harsh, too delicate or just plain wrong. 

Designed to tackle 27 of the most common beauty problems such as: rough cuticles (guilty), dry elbows, chapped lips, cracked heels and even split ends, 27 Wishes is a great product to have in your handbag or on your dressing table.

With a blend of seed oils including jojoba and sunflower the 27 wishes balm smells better than any multi-purpose balm I've ever tried. It has a herbal smell which although strong is not overpowering and I actually found to be quite relaxing. 

As soon as it landed on my desk I rubbed a pea-sized amount into my hands to get a feel for the product  and to take in the scent - I had expected it to feel quite greasy and to sit on the skin but it didn't. Balms typically sit on the skin but after a few moments it had started to absorb into the skin and I wasn't left with greasy hands which is always a bonus.

I've mainly been using this balm to address my cuticles and my mum has also been trialling it on some cracked skin she has around her mouth thanks to the insane weather we're having. She normally goes straight for vaseline which I hate however after trying this she was converted and I'm still waiting to get it back from her!

All in all, I think this is a very handy little product and one you'll reach for more than you would think.

Do you use multi-purpose balms, if so, which are your favourites?

Vicky x

*PR Sample

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  1. This sounds amazing! Good review too!
    The only multi-purpose product I use is argan oil :) I use it for my hair, face, cuticles, hands and lips. Loving it :)



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