27 May 2013

Selfridges Summer Beauty Box

After the disappointing Selfridges Lucky Bags at Christmas I had decided I wouldn't be picking up anything similar again in a hurry so when I saw mentions of the Selfridges Summer Beauty Box on Twitter and Blogger, I skimmed over them and paid them little attention.

Then during my morning browse of the Selfridges website I spotted the Summer Beauty Box and decided to see what the fuss was - all boxes are the same and the products have a combined retail value of £70. Sold.

Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer

Designed to be used on wet hair and in the shower, the Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer has non-slip grip on the sides so that you can tackle tangles in the shower. This isn't something I would have bought separately as I already have a Tangle Teezer but it's always helpful to have a spare.

Jane Tran Hair Clips

The hair clips remind me of being 10 years old and trying to grow out a fringe - they're very unlikely to ever see the light of day - even on holiday!

Erborian BB Creme

I'm not the biggest fan of BB creams, I have nothing against them I'm just more likely to reach for a tinted moisturiser or a sheer foundation than I am to try and search for a good quality BB cream. Erborian are a Korean brand and this product is designed to create a flawless finish. I haven't put it to the test yet but I'll be sure to review it when I do.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Magic in a bottle. I first became aware of Caudalie when the spa I worked in ran a promotion on the products and it was love at first try, shortly after I noticed it was also a bloggers favourite and I can see why: it's so refreshing. The scent alone is enough to lift my mood and it was essential for travelling in London last summer during the Olympics - the tube isn't a nice place at the best of times but a spritz of this and I felt human again and my skin felt and looked better. This travel size is perfect to keep in your handbag or on your desk for a little pick me up.

Lancaster After Sun/Tan Extender

It's very rare I tan naturally, not only am I very fair (I tend to defrost rather than tan...) but I don't like to sit in the sun and I always wear SPF however I also value a good after sun and find it a Godsend in the summer months. It's a step a lot of people seem to forget or opt out of but a good after sun is an important part of my summer routine and the Lancaster one smells incredible! 

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

A firm favourite amongst bloggers but I've never really been a fan of texturising sprays so I'm really looking forward to trying this and seeing how it works on my hair because I definitely wouldn't have purchased it.

St Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion & in store offer card

St Tropez aren't my tanning brand of choice but I've tried out the Instant Glow Face Lotion and it's love. It applies quickly and evenly and then washes off - perfect for keeping an even glow on those days when your face tan has worn off but your body doesn't need re-tanning, I hate that awkward stage but now it doesn't have to be a problem. I also like the fact that I can go without a base when I use this which is another reason I love fake tan - I wear less makeup which is always a good thing in the summer.

The in store offer card is a promotion for a set of St Tropez products when you book a spray tan.

Molton Brown Blissful Templetree Shower Gel

I love Molton Brown products but I haven't bought any for ages so this was a lovely and very welcome addition. It smells absolutely incredible and left my skin feeling soft and clean after use. I'll definitely be buying the full size when this runs out.

For some reason I forgot to photograph the Models Own neon nail varnish. I love a neon polish for the summer so I can't wait to try it out - I own a lot of Models Own polishes and I think they're great quality, the only thing that puts me off is the overpowering chemical smell.

Have you purchased this? What are your favourite items?

Vicky x


  1. Oh my god, amaaaazing value for money! I've got a lot of these products, the surf spray seems to do a good job at first but then my hair goes droopy. Looking forward to reading your reviews :-) x

  2. I thought that too! Great value. Thanks, I'll let you know what I think of them x


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