3 June 2013

2013 Goals Review

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Can you believe we're already halfway through 2013?! The years seem to be whizzing by quicker than ever these days and as I set myself some pretty achievable goals in January I should have achieved at least one of them by now right? Well let's have a recap...

1. Pass my driving test
This one could certainly be going a lot better than it is but I'm finding it so hard to fit in lessons with working Monday to Friday! I've only had two lessons this year and I need to make more of an effort to dedicate my Saturdays to knuckling down and getting this done!

2. Try a hot yoga class
I've finally found a studio near to where I work and I'm booked in to try a class in July! Better late than never right?! I also joined the gym through a corporate scheme at work and I'm making a conscious effort to try and improve my fitness - I'm such a sloth. 

3. Set a monthly budget to help build my savings
This is going better than I could have expected although my savings took a huge dent at the start of the year when my laptop died and I bought my MacBook... I've found setting a lunch budget is really helping me save, as is giving myself a set amount each week to spend. Having a Zara a few minutes walk from my office is tough but I'm determined to succeed on this one.

4. Attend an evening class to learn a language
So this one has faltered a little and it isn't entirely my fault! I've emailed a few places and not had a response but I've finally found somewhere and I'm booking my classes from September at the end of this month.

5. Master cooking a roast dinner
The roast dinner has fallen by the wayside a little bit as I've been experimenting a bit more with my cooking and spending more time cooking meals rather than cakes but I'm sure I will have given this my best shot by the end of the year...

Considering I've undergone a lot of changes in the past six months I think my goals are going pretty well. I could focus more on my driving however finding the work-life balance is a new task entirely and one I'm still trying to master.

When you set goals I think it's important to sit down and assess them at times, after all what's the point of setting yourself a target and not monitoring your progress - there isn't one. I like to take stock of mine every few months to see how I'm getting on, what I need to improve on and what I can maybe check-off as completed. 

How are your 2013 goals going?!

Vicky x


  1. Mine have gone pretty badly, although I've managed to do one of them - I've got down to the target weight I set myself :) I wanted to start running and although I've been a couple of times, I've not been going regularly and are yet to find a 'buddy' to go with! The other, to find a full-time job has been unsuccessful as well! Still got 6 months to rectify these x

    1. That's amazing, well done hun! 6 months is plenty of time xx


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