5 June 2013

Beauty | Estee Lauder Triple Creme Skin Rehydrator

A few weeks ago I trotted off to Selfridges after work for an Estee Lauder facial - when I bought my Aerin products the sales associate informed me that Estee Lauder would be offering a week of facials for £20 in May so I quickly jotted all of my details down and thought nothing more of it until I received a phone call asking me if I'd like to book in which, of course, I did!

After a long few weeks at work the chance to relax for an hour was very much welcome and my therapist Natalie was excellent. She listened to my skincare concerns and talked me through every stage of the treatment as well as the products she used which were mainly from the Re-Nutriv range.

After the facial Natalie took me back to the counter and went through all of the products she'd used and I was tempted to purchase the Hydrating Creme Cleanser which can also be used as a face mask however I settled on the Triple Creme Skin Rehydrator - a rescue mask for all skin types which energises and refreshes tired skin whilst providing moisture where needed and using an emollient formula to encourage the skin to lock in its own moisture.

Designed to be used for 10-15 minutes up to twice a week (or as needed), you can also leave the Triple Creme on overnight for an added boost, particularly if you have a party or an event the next day. I've tried both and my skin always feels and looks a lot better after using it - when I leave it on overnight my skin looks brighter and more radiant the next day and when I leave it for 10-15 minutes my skin looks refreshed and feels smooth.

The texture and formulation are utterly divine, they're very thick and rich without being heavy which for me is very important, especially in a overnight product. The balance between rich and heavy is one a lot of brands struggle to find but this is perfect. It doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the skin and leaves no residual feeling the morning after.

The packaging is also gorgeous from the pale aqua box to the frosted glass jar and gold lid, a lot of thought goes into presentation and this product looks and feels expensive which is something that a lot of people, myself included, really like. You feel like you're getting a luxury item, which of course you are.

I know a lot of people may find it a bit unusual to be talking about a hydrating skin product when we're approaching summer as dehydrated skin is something we all associate with winter however exposure to the sun and especially sun damage (sunburn! Please use SPF people) all dehydrate the skin as does alcohol consumption and we're nearly all guilty of having an extra drink when the weather is nicer and they're just two 'summer' factors that show you need to be hydrating your skin all year round.

I really feel like I've found a hidden gem here so I'm welcoming you all in to the circle of skincare trust and sharing my secret with you!

Estee Lauder Triple Creme Skin Hydrator - £29 for 50ml

Have you tried the Estee Lauder Triple Creme?

Vicky x



  1. Oh so jealous of you having a facial! I've used Estee Lauder skincare before and really liked it:)


    1. So many brands seem to do similar events when you buy products, definitely ask to see if they do near you :) xxx

  2. nice post


  3. This is one i havent tried, might have to give it a go. I have a few products from Estee Lauder that i rebuy over and over maybe its time to see what else they have!


    L xx

    1. I'd definitely recommend trying it Lisa, especially for hydration. Which products do you repurchase? X


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