29 August 2013

Beauty | Charlotte Tilbury Makeup: First Look

Charlotte Tilbury's debut makeup collection is the most hotly anticipated makeup launch of the year and ahead of the official launch on Monday, Charlotte launched a capsule collection at a pop-up shop in Selfridges today with two stands devoted entirely to eye makeup. 

I skipped off to Selfridges on my lunch break and quickly navigated my way to the beauty hall, a journey I'm pretty certain I could make in my sleep, and it didn't take long to spot the Charlotte Tilbury stand. Hoards of people stood at the stands, swatching palettes and eyeliners, spinning the beauty-wheel of looks and taking tips from yes, you guessed it, the woman herself.

Before I even get on to the products I want to talk about Charlotte: as a makeup artist she has inspired me for many years but after meeting her today and seeing her in action I am over-awed. Unlike other 'celebrity' makeup launches, Charlotte's face didn't feature on any of the promotional images, her name may have been up in lights but the focus was on her work: her newly launched beauty line and the stunning images that have launched it. Completely down-to-earth, Charlotte wasted no time in helping customer search for their must-have products, imparting tips and techniques on how best to use her products and who better to offer advice? Despite having numerous sales associates, she wasn't reluctant to get stuck in with the people browsing and buying her products and for that, I give her serious kudos.

Moving on to the makeup, when I looked at the promotional images online the one that jumped out to me first was The Uptown Girl but when I got to the counter, my eyes were drawn to The Golden Goddess palette.

Charlotte Tilbury 'The Golden Goddess' Eyeshadow Palette - £38 (5.2g)

The first thing I noticed, apart from the gorgeous range of colours, from neutrals like mine to stunning vibrant greens and purples (Charlotte is famous for the way she's mastered the use of colour - amongst other things!) was that the palettes have a Tom Ford feel with three standard colours that you can use to create a smokey eye and one gorgeous fine glitter to press over the top for the wow factor. 

When designing the collection Charlotte not only called on her years of experience when considering colours, textures, ingredients and formulas but also when it came to application. Makeup can be scary, especially colour and Charlotte has taken away that element by creating products that are easy to use. The quads are colour coded in stages (clockwise from top left):

1. Prime
2. Enhance
3. Smoke
4, Pop

The packaging is a sleek terracotta colour and is plastic but sturdy. The quad opens with ease yet still feels secure. Often eyeshadow quads can be so difficult to open that when you do open it you end up scraping half a shadow away with a nail or so easy that they open on their own causing damage to the shadows and a mess in your makeup bag!

Rock 'n' Kohl 'Bedroom Black' Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil - £19 (1.2g)

Charlotte is famed for her feline flick eye look, not only does she wear it herself but it's popular with the  iconic Kate Moss and if it's good enough for one of the most famous faces of a generation... With that in mind I was super excited to get my hands on Charlotte's Feline Flick eyeliner however I spotted this next to it. A liquid eye pencil - the softest, blackest, easy to smudge and perfectly gliding eyeliner kohl I have ever used.

The picture above shows one swipe, one!! Let that sink in a moment... The eyeliner is slated to last for 14 hours without transfer and whilst I haven't had time to put that claim to the test, I can believe that it is a very long wearing product.

The softness of the pencil means it's easy to smudge out to create the perfect 'bedroom' eyes look as well as working as a great base for shadows, intensifying the colours you place over the top for a show-stopping smokey eye.

The Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection launches in full in Selfridges, and online at both Net-a-Porter and Charlotte's website on Monday and it's sure to be a sell out. I for one can't wait to pick up the Uptown Girl palette and a few of the lipsticks!

Have you seen the promotional images? Which look are you lusting after?

Vicky x



  1. The pallette looks beautiful, the colours are definitely right up my street :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back!


    Frankie xxx

    1. The palettes are absolutely gorgeous! I'll check your blog out now xx

  2. Need that palette, perfect colours!! xx

  3. This looks so interesting, I've never heard about this brand before. I'd love to try it out xx


    1. It only launched a few weeks ago so it's super new, I'd definitely suggest taking a look at it xx

  4. Definitely buying at least one palette! swatches are amazing!

    Hayley x



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