22 August 2013

London MUSE Glamour and Editorial Makeup Masterclass with Chris Dennis

As you will know, I trained as a makeup artist at London MUSE in January 2011 and one of the things I love most about MUSE is the variety of courses they offer, from four week intensive training courses in hair and makeup to half-day masterclasses.

On Sunday I set off for the beautiful makeup studios at Illamasqua Beak Street to attend a Glamour and Editorial makeup masterclass held by Chris Dennis, makeup artist to Pamela Anderson amongst others. I'm a huge fan of the glamour makeup look and it's a world apart from my own bridal and beauty style so I couldn't wait to see how Chris worked and the techniques he employed.

The course ran from 12-5pm and was held in the makeup school at Illamasqua. I've never actually been inside the training area at Beak Street but it's absolutely beautiful with large mirrors, adjustable studio lighting and ample work space which makeup artists will know is a luxury we are rarely afforded! 

Chris used the beautiful Joanna as a model and settled on a classic glamour look, keen to point out that there was no particular look he always uses on Pamela but even getting a peek into the kit he uses on her was insightful.

One of the points Chris was keen to stress was that glamour and editorial makeup isn't designed to be subtle to the human eye, it's designed to work with the lights and the camera to create a beautiful image.   

The look itself is carefully constructed and takes a lot into account - for example suiting your makeup to your audience. Chris mentioned the changes he makes when catering to a predominately male or female audience and it covered things as subtle as not using any blusher to remove the girl-next-door element for a lads mag, or keeping eyeshadow softer and less winged out for a classic magazine spread.

Chris debuted the new Illasmaqua lashes from the Sacred Heart collection and they pack a serious punch. They're full, fluttery and downright fabulous. Yes they're huge and possibly a little heavy but they have the wow factor and I'll definitely be picking them up myself!

Throughout the demo Chris spoke about working on set and various other industry aspects which is always helpful - continuing to learn and develop is key and the people around you are instrumental in that process.

After the demo we had a quick lunch and came back for the practical part of the day where we were very kindly given the freedom to completely experiment with colours, techniques and products. Unfortunately I was feeling less than fresh after getting to bed at 5am that morning after watching Darren Barker win the world middleweight title so I spent much of my time faffing over blending one eye rather than utilising my time successfully. 

I teamed up with the lovely Maria, a fellow MUSE graduate and just the nicest girl. Not only did she have my patchy fake tan to contend with but also my inability to sit still in a swivel chair - I really am the worst person to work on! Despite that, I absolutely love the look she created for me.

I loved the green smokey eye and the nude lip. I'm actually a huge fan of this sort of look for a night out and I'll definitely be recreating it in the near future!

And here's one I didn't filter....

In addition to numerous tips, I also left with a shopping list as long thanks to Chris and a visit to Charles Fox amongst other places is definitely on the cards! 

I just want to say a huge thank you to Nicci and London MUSE for hosting such a fabulous masterclass, Chris for sharing his time and knowledge with us and Illamasqua for providing us with such a beautiful setting and the use of their gorgeous products!! 

Make sure you check out the London MUSE website and follow them on Twitter for all the latest goings up and course updates.

Vicky x



  1. Ooo fab post! Not using blush to remove the girl next door image is something I never would have thought of, so interesting. Your smokey eyes look amazing too!



    1. It was a great day, always love seeing how other people work. xx

  2. Wish I could have come! Looks incredible!

    Hayley x


    1. Wish you'd been there, you would have loved it! xxx


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