7 August 2013

Review: Natural Balance Foods Nakd Celebration Box*

A few weeks ago Natural Balance Foods very kindly offered to send me some healthy snack bars to try out. As you may know, I'm trying to be more healthy - I've even bought a pair of trainers so I have very good intentions - so I happily accepted their offer and a few days later the Nakd Celebration Box*landed on my desk at work, full to the brim with Nakd bars and raisins!

I settled on the Celebration Box because I'm pretty new to the snack bar scene and didn't want to commit myself to one flavour that I may not like, instead I thought it was best to have a variety of different bars to help me find my favourite.

The Celebration Box is also designed for busy people craving a healthy snack who often find they simply don't have the time to snack healthily - this is definitely me! I'm a notorious snacker and can be found nibbling away at food for large parts of the day, much like a rabbit just with smaller ears and less carrots, but the problem is I often find I'm too busy to make those snacks healthy ones. I could take a 20 minute walk to the health food shop to pick up a snack bar or I could prepare something before work that morning but I found what I would do is pop to the shop two doors down and stock up on milky buttons or have an extra 15 minutes sleep!

Having the Celebration Box stowed away in my filing cabinet has definitely kept me away from the shop and the milky buttons and I still get extra sleep!

My favourite item from the box are the flavour infused raisins in Cherry. Not only are they one of your five a day they're incredibly moorish and surprisingly filling. I quite like raisins anyway but find they can be quite boring but the raisins in the Celebration Box are all flavour infused which gives them a real  kick - especially the lime ones!

The snack bars proved particularly popular both with myself and my very lucky colleagues who sampled a bar each as well. The main thing that puts me off healthy food, apart from the extra time, is that I find it so bland and usually the most unfortunate of textures so I was pleasantly surprised to discover the snack bars were not only incredibly tasty but they also didn't have that stodgy-yet-soggy texture I've found some other snack bars to have.

I really like the no-fuss approach to the Nakd bars, the focus is on the product and its simplistic goodness. The ingredients breakdown is a great way of seeing what you're eating, I find food products now to be over-labelled - all I really want to know is what's in it, is it good for me and when does it go off - is that too much to ask for? Apparently not!

The snacks in this box are all 100% natural with no added sugar or syrup, on top of that they're gluten free, suitable for vegans AND many also count as one of your five a day and for even the least health conscious amongst us, this really is a super simple and tasty way of ensuring you have your five a day.

The Celebration Box contains 18 snacks with bars like Banana Bread, Cashew Cookie and my favourite Cocoa Orange - that's enough for one snack every day for more than two weeks! (Disclaimer: mine did not last two weeks - in the interests of providing a thorough and fair review I selflessly ate as many as possible to give you an informed opinion...).

Perfect for grabbing breakfast on the go, a snack at your desk or a pick-me-up after the gym, I've definitely been converted to healthy snack bars!

The Nakd Celebration Box is available now from Natural Balance Foods and retails for £13.00. 

Have you tried the Nakd Bars? Which ones are your favourites?

Vicky x

* PR Sample



  1. Ah the NakD Cocoa Orange bar is amazing, I'm hooked!x



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