24 August 2013

Review: Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

Moisturising is essential in taking good care of your skin but it's also a complete chore for me: time consuming and completely boring. As a result of this I've found myself falling into a habit of moisturising with cream fake tans (bad!) or using an intense moisturiser once a week and hoping for the best...

That was until the Vaseline Spray & Go moisturiser came into my life. It happened purely by chance - before I went to Milan I nipped into boots for a sandwich (oak smoked ham and philadelphia cheese if you're interested) and left with this snazzy little moisturiser instead.

If you haven't heard of the Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser then firstly, where have you been?! Vaseline have cottoned on to the fact that moisturising is both boring and time consuming and invented a spray on moisturiser than sinks into the skin in seconds without being sticky or greasy.

Another thing I dislike about traditional moisturiser is the time it takes to sink into the skin, especially after a morning shower, I don't want to have to wait ages before I can get dressed, especially if I'm wearing tights - have you ever tried to put tights on within an hour of moisturising? I don't recommend it!

To use, you hold roughly ten centimetres away from the skin and spray before rubbing the moisturiser into the skin in circular motions. The spray is continuous so application couldn't be quicker or easier. I found it a massive help when I was in Milan. Not only did it cut down the time it took me to get ready but it also weighed less in my case which is always a bonus!

Whilst I still use a rich moisturiser once a week, particularly when I'm fake tanning, I've found that I do moisturise a lot more now that it's so quick and easy.

Spray & Go is currently available in Essential Moisture (the one I have), Cocoa Radiant and Aloe Fresh and they're priced at £4.99 for 190ml which is reasonable. 

Have you tried Vaseline Spray & Go? What do you think - has it replaced traditional moisturiser for you?

Vicky x



  1. nEVER EVER tried this, may have to give it a go!
    Please have a look at my new blog,


    1. You totally should, it's super quick and easy.

      Will look at your blog x

  2. Reallllly want to try this! Moisturising is always such a chore, this sounds so ideal. And tights + freshly moisturised legs is such a traumatic experience - leggings are even worse Haha xx

    1. It's so quick and easy, I love it! Oh you're right, leggings are definitely worse! xx

  3. I absolutely adore this moisturiser, I really want to try the other scents too!

  4. I really want to try the Aloe Vera one! Would be perfect for taking on holiday. xx


    1. You definitely need it for holiday, it's a Godsend! xx

  5. Ive never even heard of this! sounds fab! I'm so lazy when it comes to body moisturising so this looks like a must!

    Hayley xxx


    1. Hun you need it! You'll love it, it's SO easy xxx

  6. Just picked this up a couple of days ago and already absolutely love it! So easy and smells great!x


  7. Why have I never heard of this?! I'll need to track this down asap xox

    The Style Khaleesi


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