11 August 2013

TAG: The One and Only

I spotted this tag on Kat's blog last week and simply couldn't resist giving it a try- I've tagged a few people at the end but I'd love to see your answers if you also give it a go :) 

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 The Question: If you could only have one ______ what would it be? And, in a few words, why?

Primer - Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, without a doubt one of my favourite primers for myself and to use on clients.

Base Product - Nars Sheer Glow truly is my Holy Grail foundation. No matter how many others I try, test and love I always come back to this one. Everything from the formula to the finish is perfect for me and it's always my first choice.

Concealer - Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Okay so it isn't a concealer per se but I use it as one and I wouldn't be without it.

Powder - Chanel Loose Powder - as much as I love my pressed powders, nothing beats the finish of the Chanel loose powders.

Blush (cream or powder) - Cream: MAC Ladyblush, the most beautiful and natural cream blush and an old favourite. Powder: Illamasqua Ambition, it's a neutral shade with shimmer that works so well with my skin tone.

Bronzer - Nars Laguna. I can wear this bronzer with or without fake tan and it gives a natural sunkissed finish to my skin. Light and build able, the slight shimmer adds a healthy glow.

Highlighter - Illamasqua Furore pigment, dusted over cheekbones it creates a beautiful highlight. 

Make-Up Brush (single) - MAC 150 - a powder brush I use for blusher, I honestly wouldn't know what to do without it.

Eyebrow Product - MUFE Aqua Brow, I have a review coming soon but quite simply this is a miracle in a tube.

Eye shadow (single) - MAC Deep Truth, a gorgeous navy blue for the perfect smokey eye.

Eyeliner - Illamasqua Precision Gel eyeliner, it has been a revelation!! 

Mascara - Illamasqua Masquara. It is the blackest, wetest, easiest to apply and layer mascara I have ever used.

Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Lip Stain - Gloss - Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss 56 (Imaginaire). I've repurchased this a few times now and it's always my go-to lip product. Lipstick - Illamasqua Corrupt is my favourite ever lipstick.

Lip Liner - MAC Beet. It's so versatile and I love it on it's own or with any number of lipsticks. 

Lip Balm - Nivea SOS, it does exactly what it claims to do.

Nail Polish - OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is rarely off my nails in winter, God knows how many bottles I've had and used!

I tag...

Jessie-Ann @ All Things Beautiful

Vicky x


  1. Can't wait to hear what you think of the aqua brow! I agree, nothing beats sheer glow for a foundation!! It just does everything right! :) X


    1. Sheer Glow is just the best, I need to pick some more up actually! x

  2. Thanks for the tag lovely :) I look forward to writing this post! Will let you know when I am done :) The products you use sound amazing! I really wanna try some Ilamasqua goodies...


    1. You're very welcome! You need to try Illamasqua, they're amazing xx

  3. I've done my post now if you'd like to take a look :) x

  4. I love the products that you've mentioned! :)
    following you now. x

  5. So many amazing products to try, thanks for all this information Vicky!

    I would love to try the Vichy dermablend foundation as a concealer and the Mufe Aqua Brow!



    1. They're super amazing, you should definitely try them if you get the chance xx

  6. I came on your blog because I saw you link on the #bbloggers chat and was so surprised to see this post - happy surprised! I came up with this tag and didn't realise that bloggers (other than those I tagged) had done it. I loved your answers :) xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Thank you! It was a tough one but I've loved seeing everyone's answers xx

  7. I've done this tag on my blog as I saw your post and loved it :-) Have put a link to your site on my blog, hope that's ok!


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