25 September 2013

Review: La Durbin Boutique Salon

As I mentioned in my birthday post, I had my hair done at La Durbin Boutique in Fulham before heading on out the Saturday night.

Source: La Durbin Boutique Facebook

I'm always in the mood for a pamper session but with a raging hangover from the night before and hellish traffic on the Fulham Palace Road I wasn't sure I wanted to be preened. That was until I stepped in to the salon which is just utterly charming in both design and in atmosphere. 

Source: La Durbin Boutique Facebook

Owner Latifa has an incredible eye for detail with every inch of the salon carefully planned and immaculately executed, from the tea light lighting fixtures to the comfy sofa and cute cushions, you feel immediately at home upon arrival.

A complimentary glass of champagne (hangover, what hangover?!) and a few magazines later as Latifa finished blowdrying Lucy Watson's (Made in Chelsea - she's a frequent visitor) hair and I was seated at my own little dressing table giving the feel of getting ready at home or at a friends.

I had previously decided to have my hair put up but after a chat with Latifa we decided it may be a bit too dressy for the look I was going for, especially with a floor length dress, so we settled on a curly blow dry instead.

I have thick, heavy hair that doesn't hold a curl well but as we chatted away Latifa wound my hair around brushes and rollers with complete and utter ease. You really feel like you're sitting there with an old friend as Latifa is super friendly and welcoming - the perfect hostess and without a doubt the best advert for her brand.

The finished article!

After the curls had settled...

Covering a whole host of beauty treatments from facials to waxing, massages to tanning and everything in between, La Durbin Boutique really is your one stop shop for all of your beauty treatment needs. Salons can often be a little sterile (and let's all be perfectly honest, hostile - especially in Central London!!) and same-old-same-old but La Durbin really is different, not just the way it looks but the quality of treatments and of service - one of the girls even offered to go and get me a bacon sandwich for my hangover, how many places offer service like that?!

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and I'm already planning my next trip for a Sienna X spray tan, I just need to get rid of my horrid cold first!

Deluxe Blow Dry - £35

You can find La Durbin Boutique Salon on the following social media platforms and I would seriously suggest popping along if you're in London!

Vicky x


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