17 September 2013

Review: Sensai by Kanebo Silky Purifying Cleansing Oil*

Oil cleansers are probably my favourite type of facial cleanser. Before you all recoil in horror at the thought of using an oil cleanser, particularly if you have oily skin, give them a chance. Oil cleansers work as well on oily skins as they do normal or dry, rather than creating an excess of oil on and in the skin, they balance out the natural oils of the skin. I often find that cleansers targeted towards oily skins tend to be so dry and stripping they end up making skin even oiler due to the fact they strip the natural oils, thus causing the skin to produce even more oil to create a balance.

Now that I've had my skincare rant, let's get on to the product: Sensai by Kanebo Silky Purifying Cleansing Oil *(now that's a mouthful if ever I heard one!). I was very kindly sent this product to review last month and after giving it a proper trial I thought it was high time I posted a review for you all.

Kanebo is a Japanese skincare and cosmetic brand - I love many oil cleansers by Japanese brands such as DHC and Shu Uemura so I couldn't wait to try Sensai by Kanebo, I always have a browse of the counter when I'm in Harrods but I'd yet to take the plunge and try anything.

Let's start with the packaging - firstly it has a pump which makes it easy to dispense just the right amount of product hygienically, the bottle is semi-transparent so you can see how much product you have left and it's tall and slim so it doesn't take up a lot of room in the bathroom unlike the giant Shu Uemura bottles!

As soon as this landed on my desk at work I couldn't wait to incorporate it into my skincare routine so I used it that night: I dispersed two pumps into my hands and worked it into my face and watched as my makeup melted away. The oil is light yet rich and clear in colour, it is fragranced and smells fresh which I really liked. Two pumps was more than enough to emulsify my makeup, I then used a few cotton pads to wipe the excess away and even my stubborn mascara had been removed. 

When I swiped a toner soaked cotton pad over my face moments later I was impressed to see there were no traces of makeup left behind and my skin felt soft and smooth.

I continued using for a few days when I noticed a few breakouts, as this was the only change in my routine I begrudgingly stopped using it, disappointed that my new cleanser didn't love my skin no matter how much I liked it. Determined to test the product fully, I decanted some into a travel bottle and I asked my best friend to continue trialling it for me and she noticed no adverse reactions, in fact quite the opposite - her skin never looked or felt better, it was soft and supple, her skin tone was even and in her own words, her face "felt clean all the time!"

Given that I was so impressed with the cleanser when I did use it, I attempted it one more time. I used my Bioderma first to remove my eye makeup, my Radical Hydrating Cleanser to remove my makeup and then I saturated a few cotton pads in the Sensai cleanser and wiped across my face, following up with my normal toner and moisturiser and so far so good! I haven't had any further break outs and I've noticed my skin looks and feels better than normal. 

There's a full range of Sensai by Kanebo Purifying products on sale and I've got my eye on the Cleansing Cream and Purifying Silk Peel Powder. The high end nature of the products are reflected in the price however from my own experience a little goes a long way so they do work out good value for money.

Have you tried the Sensai by Kanebo range? If not, which product would you like to try?

Vicky x

*PR Sample



  1. I love oil based cleansers and cleansing balms, too - this one sounds lovely!

  2. It really is a lovely product, definitely worth trying next time you fancy a skincare splurge xx


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