15 October 2013

Flora by Gucci Glorious Mandarin

I've really got into my fragrances recently and try to purchase a new one each month now rather than constantly repurchasing old favourites and never trying anything new.

I like Gucci perfumes and I've already made my way through several bottles of Guilty and Premiere but whilst browsing (read: spraying myself with everything in sight) at Duty Free when I went to Milan, I discovered the Gucci Flora range - I'd overlooked it previously as I wrongly assumed they would be heavy floral scents as they're not my favourite type of fragrance however I absolutely adored how fresh and unique Glorious Mandarin was.

Glorious Mandarin is a completely unique fragrance, I do not own, nor have I tried, anything like it. The mix of citrus (mandarin) with floral (peony) as the top notes of this fragrance create something very special and ensuring there's no harshness to the citrus element of the fragrance. 

As I've said before, top, middle and base notes are lost on me but the more I get into my fragrances the more I'm trying to learn about notes and picking them up - it's a work in progress but, for example, I have learned that the white musk and creamy wood base notes in this fragrance provide a gentle warmth to the perfume as it sinks into the skin. The mandarin stays strong throughout the wearing time however it shifts from being a crisp fruity scent at application to something decidedly  deeper and warmer.

Top notes: mandarin and peony
Middle notes: jasmin and pina colada accord
Base notes: ambergris, white musk and creamy wood

Whilst there's no doubting this is a gorgeous summer scent, light enough to be worn during the day, distinctive enough to work at night, mandarins are autumn/winter fruits so I think this will also work well during the winter. Given that this was my go-to summer scent, spritzing it throughout winter will definitely give me a much needed boost with the cold, dark days hastily approaching!

Flora by Gucci Glorious Mandarin - £60 for 100ml at World Duty Free

Have you tried any of the Flora by Gucci range? Which fragrances do you prefer?

Vicky x



  1. Hey I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award :) x

  2. I have the flora by gucci in gorgeous gardenia and i love it, im definitely going to try this one out next especially as all my perfumes are floral scented this looks different from anything i've tried, thanks for the recommendation! x

    1. Ooh Gorgeous Gardenia sounds interesting, I'll check that one out next time I'm passing a perfume counter! x


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