23 October 2013

Beauty | Halloween Tutorial Skeleton/Screen Siren

Apologies in advance for the lack of step by step pictures of this look, it actually started life as a standard 1950s glamour makeup and somewhere along the way I got a little bored and decided to turn it in to a Halloween look.

The contrast of the two looks make this a great choice for Halloween as it combines scary with pretty (let's be honest, Mean Girls taught us everything we know with regards to dressing up for Halloween...) and chances are, you already have all of the products you'll need so you don't need to go out and spend more money on a face painting kit you'll use once.

Sometimes I'm just so two-faced...

You will need - for the skeleton 
  • Thin black pencil eyeliner 
  • Thick black pencil eyeliner. You can use a thin pencil but you'll need a lot of patience
  • Black liquid eyeliner 
  • Foundation 2/3 shades too light
  • White cream eyeshadow or thick eyeliner stick like NYX 
  • White liquid or cream eyeliner 
  • Matte black eye shadow
  • Matte white eye shadow
  • Matte grey eye shadow, dark and light
  • Full coverage concealer 
  • Translucent powder
You will need - for the 1950s look
  • Your usual foundation (I used Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk)
  • Contour powder
  • Blusher
  • Pressed powder
  • A bone coloured eye shadow 
  • A shimmering white eye shadow
  • Matte brown eye shadow
  • Liquid or gel eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Red lip liner
  • Red lipstick
  • Eyebrow pencil
You will also need
  • Primer
  • Pritt stick
  • Eyebrow grooming wand
  • Makeup brushes
  • False lashes


1. Start by prepping your skin, moisturise and apply primer to the whole face.

2. Taking your eyebrow groomer, brush one brow upwards and apply a coating of pritt stick. Smooth the layer of glue over the hairs until they are all covered but be careful not to get any on the skin, this won't hurt your skin but the makeup won't adhere as well. Apply your full coverage concealer over the area you've covered until the brow is no longer noticeable. Set with powder.

3. Taking your lighter foundation, apply to the half of your face with the blocked brow.

4. Taking your eye liner pencil, begin to draw in the skeleton following the natural hollows of your face. I started with my eye, drawing it the socket and taking it above my blocked brow. I then drew in the hollow of my temple and my nose. I also drew a separating line down the centre of my face at this stage.

5. Apply concealer to one half of your mouth ready to draw your teeth in. Taking your eye liner pencil, draw teeth along the top and bottom, following your jaw line. 

6. Once you have your teeth drawn in, add your jaw and cheek bones.

7. Taking your thicker eye liner, fill in the areas you have hollowed out. When it comes to your eye, make sure you line the top and bottom inner rims to avoid seeing any skin. Whilst we can blend this later, try and keep it as neat as possible.

7. Take your white cream eye shadow or thick pencil and begin to apply to the areas around the hollows, blending to the edges and making sure the whole half of the face is covered.

8. Using your white liquid liner, fill in your teeth.

9. Once you are happy with your line work, set the black areas using a matte black eye shadow and set the white areas using a matte white eye shadow for extra intensity. 

10. Add some shading with the light and dark grey eye shadows, picking out higher points of the face and sculpting your bone structure.

11. Set the whole side of your face with translucent powder.

12. Moving on to the 1950s side of your face, apply your normal foundation as you typically would.

13. Set the foundation with powder and contour your cheekbones, making sure to keep your contouring as symmetrical with your skeleton as possible.

14. Take your bone coloured eye shadow and apply from the lid to the brow bone to even out your skin tone. Take the medium brown shade on a blending brush and apply through the socket line for definition. Apply a wash of the shimmery white over the eye lid up to the crease and finish with a flick of eyeliner.

15. Apply mascara and fake lashes to create the classic winged out look the 1950s stars were famed for.

16. Add a flush of colour to the face with a peachy toned blush.

17. Take your lip liner and trace the outline of your lips, fill this in and then work on your symmetry to ensure a full pout. Apply your lipstick over the top, taking care not to smudge into your teeth on the other side.

18. With your brow pencil, lightly draw in an arch but keep the brows simple. Use the pencil to draw on a beauty spot.

19. Dig out a platinum blonde wig and take a few selfies and add some Instagram filters to make yourself look extra scary.

I hope you enjoyed this and as I said, apologies for the fact there aren't any step-by-step pictures. If you give this a go I'd love to see your results!

Vicky x


  1. wow this is actually amazing! I keep meaning to try out a skeleton but I'm scared incase it goes wrong haha but this step by step guide is amazing! Defs gona try it xox


    1. Aw thank you hun - did you try it? xx


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