1 October 2013

Beauty | The Perfect Nude Lip ft Tom Ford

I've been tempted by the Tom Ford lip products now for a long time but the price tag has always put me off, that was until I had a moment of shopping weakness and decided that I simply had to find the perfect nude lip products. It was my lunch time mission and I wouldn't return to my desk without them. I'm not sure how well that would have gone down with my manager but I was a girl on a mission.

My first stop is always Selfridges and I knew I'd be heading to Tom Ford as my friend Hayley has recommended the gloss I chose for about 18 months so I knew I'd be picking that up but I wanted a nude lipstick too.

I find good nude lipsticks are quite hard to find, ones I think suit my colouring anyway. I either find them to be too pink, too brown or far too pale which I know sounds contradictory for a nude lipstick but I am incredibly fussy and I have huge expectations of every product I purchase. 

Tom Ford Lip Colour (Lipstick) Spanish Pink - £36 for 3g

The first product my eyes were drawn to on the counter were the lipsticks, with their sleek packaging and embossed tips they are the epitome of luxury and look amazing when being pulled out for a touch-up. I know, for £36 the last thing you want to do is touch-up your lipstick at any point within at least 36 hours of application (a pound an hour would make me feel so much better about the price...) but believe it or not, you actually want to touch it up, just so you can reapply it again!

The lipstick is creamy in texture which is a result of the "rare and exotic" ingredients it contains including chamomilla flower oil and Brazilian murumuru butter (no, I've never heard of them either but they feel awesome) and the pigment is fantastic. 

Despite my comments about touch-ups, the lipstick actually stays put for hours and doesn't bleed without a lip liner. The colour is solid and when it isn't paired with a gloss, the transfer is minimal.

The only downsides I can think of are: a) I'm a bit scared to keep it in my clutch bag in case I drop it in a taxi or a bar and b) I'm so in love with them I think this could become a very expensive new addiction. 

I already have my eye on the following shades: Cherry Lush, Crimson Noir, Flamingo, Wild Ginger and Bruised Plum from the Jasmine Rouge collection.

Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (Lip Gloss) Tawny Pink - £32 for 7ml

As I said, Hayley has been raving about this lip gloss for months, she even included it in her Top 5 Nude Glosses post which you can read here so I knew it would be good. 

The gloss is designed to pack a punch when it comes to colour and to shine, Tom Ford is all about creating a statement lip no matter the colour, and it really creates the perfect glossy pout. I usually find lip glosses with good pigmentation to be sticky and not the most comfortable to wear but the Tom Ford gloss is neither - whilst it isn't exactly light on the lips, the creamy texture makes it comfortable to wear.

It reminds me a lot of a pigmented version of MAC 'Boy Bait' which is one of my favourite lip products ever, I must have bought about 5 over the years, so if you like that you'll like this. The quality is infinitely better though and the colour far more opaque which means this can be worn alone or layered over gloss without the worry that it will look patchy or streaky as some glosses can.

The range of colours compliment the lipstick range perfectly and I think you could create some beautiful contrasting looks, especially with Wet Violet which is the only other shade that really jumps out at me.

Here they are worn together.

I think the two paired together create my perfect nude lip so despite the insane (because let's be honest it is insane, when I revealed to the girls how much I had paid when we were on the way out they were disgusted) prices, I will repurchase them both.

The lipstick is definitely the hands down winner for me and I'll be treating myself to a new little Tom Ford baby soon - aside from the colours I said previously, do you have any suggestions for me? 

What are your favourite Tom Ford pieces?

Vicky x



  1. I love this look and the lipstick is gorg but I just couldn't pay £36 for a lippy at the moment... seems a bit much xxx

    1. It really is pricey but I think it's a lovely one off treat product xxx

  2. catching up with your blog beautiful and i have only just seen your pretty new layout :) it looks lovely!! i am addicted to Tom Ford everything, when me you and hayley are rich and famous lets buy it all haha xxxxx

    1. Thank you hun! Yes, let's buy everything haha, I think we're probably attempting that already without being rich or famous haha xxxxx

  3. I love the blog's new look :) and you look gorgeous in that photo.. Love your hair!

  4. Lipstick looks amazing, also your hair is fab in photo! :) x

  5. The two look perfect together. I sooo want to splurge on a Tom Ford lipstick but can't decide on a shade! And i'm scared of the dilemma that your now in that it might turn into a very expensive addiction haha xx

    1. They have some really gorgeous shades but they're so expensive and now I want lots haha! xx


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