13 October 2013

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skincare

The Body Shop isn't usually my first stop for skincare but I'd heard such good things about their Vitamin C Microdermabrasion scrub that I popped in to my local store a month or so ago to pick it up. Luckily for me, my store had made up little gift sets worth £44 which they were selling for £25, the Microdermabrasion retails for £13 alone!

I won't be doing a full review of each product in this post as I haven't tried them all properly yet so I'll just give you an overview of the products in the set. 

The Vitamin C range is designed to help refresh and revive tired, dull looking skin by adding Vitamin C to your skincare regime to boost the appearance of radiance which makes one or all of the range perfect for autumn/winter.

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion 

A fine facial exfoliator designed to remove dead skin cells to improve the texture and tone of the skin whilst giving a brighter, more radiant look. I'm very particular when it comes to exfoliators as I like something that feels like it's working but isn't too abrasive. 

Thick in texture, I apply a small amount to a wet face and neck in circular motions, giving my face and neck a little massage as I do so before rinsing off with clean water. You can use a cleansing sponge or face cloth to remove but I prefer to just use water.

Once blended in you can barely see the exfoliating particles but boy can you feel them, they're just abrasive enough to feel like they're working but not so abrasive that you feel like you're rubbing broken glass into your skin or something equally as awful.

The Body Shop advise using once or twice a week but no more as it is a powerful little product and you shouldn't overuse it. 

I'll be honest, I've only used this a handful of times since I picked it up, more due to wanting to finish other products first that anything else, but I can see myself using it a lot more now that we're in autumn and approaching winter as my skin will need a little boost. 

The only thing I can really find fault in with this product is the smell, it reminds me a bit of bath and ceramic cleaner with the false citrus fragrance scent but it's not unbearable, just mildly unpleasant. 

£13 for 100ml.

Vitamin C Skin Reviver 

This is a radiance fluid designed to add or enhance the skins natural glow whilst refreshing and smoothing the skin. Designed to be applied after moisturiser, it can be used under makeup or alone with the light reflecting particles adding a pearlescent finish to the skin. 

I'm not sure how I feel about this as I'm not a huge fan of the texture, it feels oily to me and it isn't something I can see myself applying to my whole face and wearing all day. I also find it incredibly shimmery so I am reluctant to apply it to my whole face - there's a fine line between radiant and disco ball. That being said, I think it would be a great highlight for arms, legs and across the collarbone.

£14 for 100ml.

Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz

The Body Shop claim this face spritz will provide instant hydration - I'm not sure if that's something I can agree with as I've only tried it briefly. 

It's a great little spray to throw into your handbag or keep on your desk for the summer months when you need a quick fix, something that will make you feel fresh and give you a lift. It's also perfect for flights as it meets the 100ml liquid restriction. 

£9 for 100ml.

Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo

A dual ended product that consists of a cooling gel and an eye brightening cream to revive tired looking eyes and create a bright eyed look, even if you're not feeling suitably bushy tailed.

The metal rollerball helps to combat puffiness whilst the eye brightener has a soft-tipped applicator to disperse the brightening cream much like many similar products out there at the moment. 

I've never tried a product like this before, as I've said in the past I tend to neglect eye creams and so forth, they're not really on my radar at the moment and I do find the eye brightener too pearlescent, I'd rather use a good eye gel and then apply a colour corrector but that's just me.

£12 for 10ml.

All in all, I'm glad I picked the set up as it has given me the opportunity to try other products in the range and I do think I'll give them a little more love in the winter. I'd quite like to try the Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder Mix next!

Have you tried this range? What do you think?

Vicky x



  1. Such amazing value for money. I really need to pop into The Body Shop and have a good snoop around - the exfoliator sound fab! xx

    1. It really is! They have some great little deals on, really good for Xmas! xx


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