4 November 2013

Beauty | Montagne Jeunesse* Monday: Red Earth Clay Spa

A while ago I was contacted about a super cool idea Montagne Jeunesse had - they have created the Monday's App on their Facebook page, broken down into three sections: 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes, you choose a section that corresponds to the time you need to leave your face mask on for and there are blog posts covering fashion, beauty, arts and crafts and food and drink, some of which include handy tutorials and ideas.

I thought this was a fantastic idea and a great way to discover new blogs and new ideas so I was more than happy for my post on Slutty Brownies to be linked to the app. As if sharing my content with a huge audience wasn't kind enough, I was also sent some face masks to try along with the app.

I've been feeling a little under the weather lately and decided that the Red Earth Clay Spa* mask would be the perfect pick-me-up!

The Clay Spa range is a new addition to the Montagne Jeunesse family. Natural bamboo fabric is infused with specially sourced clays to create a deep-cleansing fabric face mask. 

The fabric mask is infused with red earth clay, pomegranate and cinnamon so it smells delicious which is good because once you apply it you'll look like an extra from a horror movie. The mask is almost skin coloured and with the cut outs for the eyes, nose and mouth it does look a little sinister once applied!

After cleansing your skin, unfold the fabric mask and apply it over your face, pressing to keep it in place. This step is super quick, fool proof and completely eliminates the mess normally associated with face masks, not to mention the worry of spreading the product evenly and spacing correctly!

The mask is designed to be left on for 15 minutes, after which time it should be removed, the excess massaged into the skin before rinsing your face. Whilst the mask definitely started to set during the 15 minutes at no point did it feel uncomfortable nor did it set solid although there is something I quite like about face masks that do, I think it's the challenge cracking them represents (I can't be the only one to pull every face imaginable to try and break them can I?!).

Once I'd removed the mask and washed my face my skin felt smoother and looked noticeably clearer and brighter. Clay is typically drying but the fact the mask is saturated in it rather than it being applied directly to the skin helps skin maintain it's natural moisture and it cleanses without being stripping which is more important than ever in this weather!

I've always been a fan of Montagne Jeunesse face masks, they're great value for money and they're so easily accessible and I think this range will definitely be one I repurchase over and over again.

Which Montagne Jeunesse mask is your favourite and have you tried their app?!

Vicky x

* Gifted by brand


  1. You definitely aren't the only one pulling faces to make masks crack haha!
    I love fabric masks, they're so easy to use! My fave Montagne Jeunesse masks are the peel off ones x

    1. Fabric masks are so easy aren't they? I love the peel off ones too! x

  2. hehe, you ain't alone about the cracking of masks.. Not the prettiest expressions, but sure is fun :D


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