30 December 2013

2013 in Outfits

This is quite a self-indulgent post but I wanted to compile my favourite outfits of the year to look back on. I really feel as though I've found my feet in terms of my own style this year and I've worn some outfits that I have really loved and want to share with you (again!).

Dress - Savida at Dunnes Stores 
Shoes - Zara

When I think about things I've worn this year, this dress jumps straight out at me. I picked it up in Dublin nearly two years ago and I'd been waiting for the right moment to wear it. I love how detailed and intricate the beading is on this dress and I'm still amazed that I managed to get through a three-course meal without getting anything down me! 

Dress - Coast

The Coast dress I wore to Ascot really stole my heart this year, it was the perfect Princess dress. From the colour to the cut to the full skirt and absolutely perfect dealing and subtle pleats, this dress was the star of the show for me. If I could wear it all day every day I would. It was longer than I would usually go for but it suited the occasion perfectly and I wouldn't hesitate about wearing this style again, in fact I can't wait for the opportunity to do so!

Dress - 3 Floor

I picked up this dress for my birthday and I absolutely loved it. It was a real head turner and so many people commented on it and asked where it was from which was lovely. The only downside is I had a very bitter dispute with the company over another item later in the year and I will never buy from them again. If you're looking for this dress, I suggest House of Catherine - they stock the same dress at a much lower price.

Dress - Gorgeous Couture

Another birthday dress. I rented this one from Girl Meets Dress and I cannot recommend the experience enough. The dress was absolutely sensational, I felt incredible wearing it. The process of hiring was so simple and the customer service was impeccable. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Top - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Zara

I wore this on a summers night in Hull for the boxing and the reason it stands out for me is because it's so simple yet chic. I very rarely wear jeans but when you're going to an outdoor boxing show, you can't exactly turn up in a ball gown or a sequin mini dress (despite what some people think!) so this was a safe bet and actually reignited my love for dressing down a bit more!

Dress - Warehouse

An oldie but a goody! I bought this dress two years ago for my 21st birthday and it's had a few outings this year. The cut and the colour are both very me, it has a great shape to it and it's incredibly flattering. It's a go-to dress for when I want to look put together but not overdone.

Without even realising I moved away from my typical uniform of all black and added some colour, along with some classic cuts and beautiful detailing and I plan on doing the same in 2014.

What were your favourite outfits of 2013? 

Vicky x



  1. You have some amazing clothes! The dress you wore to Ascot is stunning!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. Thank you Jenn, I adored my Ascot dress! xx

  2. You are so hot vicky! I love how the dresses fit you.. ! Today I've been looking around 3 hours for a goddamn dress that suits me nicely and I finally found one buut gosh it was so stressfull! lol xx

    Happy new year !



    1. Aw thank you angel! I'm so pleased you found a dress, I had my fair share of stressful shopping trips to find those! Happy New Year xx

  3. I especially love that first dress- beautiful!!



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