31 January 2014

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As some of you may know, I've recently returned from Australia where I was lucky enough to spend pretty much all of January. I had the most incredible time and I'll be putting together a holiday post very soon but in the mean time I wanted to share my shopping with you. I'm fighting back terrible jet lag to write this post so apologies if it's a little wordy in places and a little brief in others.

I picked up quite a lot of things so I'm going to separate them into three or four posts and, as this is a beauty blog, we'll start with the beauty products!


KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr - Purse Pack and Luxurious Rosehip Oil

I've wanted to try KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr for so long now but until recently it was quite difficult to get hold of in the UK not to mention really pricey in comparison with how much it is in Australia. 

I picked up the Purse Pack which contains the Daily Hand Cream, Energising Citrus Mist and Vitamin Enriched Lip Balm to try and I also purchased the Luxurious Rosehip Oil which I've heard incredible things about.

KORA Organics Purse Pack - $105 AUD / Luxurious Rosehip Oil $45 AUD from David Jones

Pond's Smooth Pores Facial Foam

I swear by Pond's Cold Cream and the hydrating moisturiser is still one of my favourites so when I spotted a huge range of skincare products that I've never seen in the UK I wanted to buy everything! I settled on this "pore tightening" facial foam to try and target my cheeks and nose. My pores aren't overly enlarged and they don't cause me any issues but I liked the sound of this so I can't wait to try it.

Pond's Smooth Pores Facial Foam - $13.99 AUD from Priceline 

Dove Radiant Skin Face Cleanser

Something else I haven't spotted on the shelves here in the UK and cannot wait to try. From reading the back of the product it sounds like a gentle exfoliating cleanser so I'm looking forward to trying this one too!

Dove Radiant Skin Face Cleanser - $6.95 AUD from Priceline

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

I absolutely adore Papaw and swear by it for all manner of things so when I saw how cheap it was in Australia compared to the UK I had to snap a few up to keep me going for a while. The Papaw was one of the first products I bought in Australia and it was a savvy choice as I used it to soothe my sun and wind burn regularly!

Lacas' Papaw Ointment - price varies by store

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam (Dark)

I'm definitely not a sun worshipper, I can't sit and bake my skin under the sun for hours on end which seemed quite in keeping with the Aussie philosophy towards tanning. The first thing I learned when I arrived is that you cannot sit in the Australian sun at the height of summer, at least not in Perth, it's simply too hot to do so. With that in mind, I picked up the Bondi Sands self tanning foam to try once my tan (from walking around and not sitting in the sun oddly enough!) has faded.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam (Dark) - $19.99 AUD from Pricelin

Le Tan Fast Tan (Deep Bronze)

I like options when it comes to my tanning products so I also picked up this instant tanning mousse from Le Tan which I'll be trying out in the near future!

Le Tan Fast Tan (Deep Bronze) - $13.99 AUD from Priceline

So as you can see, I have quite a lot of new skincare to try so expect staggered reviews over the next few months so that I have time to use everything properly and so that I don't keep chopping and changing my routine. 

Makeup and Nails

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush

I could not have been more excited to find Physicians Formula stocked in Priceline as I've been trying to get my hands on a few of their products for years now to no avail. I couldn't resist picking up this gorgeous blush and I cannot wait to review it for you all!

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush - $21.95 AUD from Priceline

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Powder

I love colour correcting products and this powder really captured my attention. It reminds me of the Bobbi Brown palette which is just utterly divine. I'm so excited to try this and I'll post a review and comparison for you once I've really road tested it.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Powder - $29.95 AUD from Priceline

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara 

I fell in love with this mascara many years ago in New York and I've struggled to get hold of another one since so when I saw Covergirl was stocked in Australia I was super excited. I picked up the waterproof version as I fully intended to wear it whilst I was on holiday but as it happened I didn't wear any makeup at all so I haven't opened this up yet but I'm so pleased to have it back in my makeup bag.

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara - $17.95 AUD from Kmart. 

Covergirl, Sally Hansen and Revlon Nail Polishes

Despite taking nail polish with me I couldn't resist picking up a few little extras including the Revlon Chalkboard manicure duo which I cannot wait to try. I'm quite taken by the concept of the chalkboard manicure so I'm looking forward to giving this a go although I have a feeling I won't have the patience for it!

Covergirl, Sally Hansen and Revlon Nail Polish - from $3.95 to $15.95 from Priceline 

Despite having barely tried them I'm super pleased with all of my beauty purchases and I'm really looking forward to trying them all and letting you know what I think. I'm going to spend a few days researching stockists of the products so that hopefully you (and I!) will be able to pick them up from wherever we are in the world.

Have you tried any of the products I picked up - what do you think? If not, which ones would you most like to try?

Vicky x


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