5 January 2014

Lifestyle | My New Year's Resolutions/Goals for 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've had a great start to 2014 and that it continues to be filled with happiness, health and joy for you all.

I'm a few days late with this one but better late than never! As I said last year, setting goals and targets is really important to me both personally and professionally, both to challenge and measure myself with and I find that having something to work towards really motivates me. 

At the bottom of this post I've included how I got on with last years resolutions and goals, you'll see that I didn't achieve all of them but that in itself taught me that sometimes, even the best laid plans change and that as your priorities shift and your life changes you'll develop and achieve other goals that take precedence. 

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My resolutions/Goals for 2014

1. Take time to make time
This is my most important goal for 2014. A wise man (or woman) once said that no matter how busy you are, you will always make time for the things that are important to you and until last year I didn't appreciate that sentiment. It's so easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of work and other events that we do miss out on important things and those we don't miss we often fail to appreciate because we're wired up for the next thing - I am especially guilty of this. "Oh but I can't, I have work tomorrow…."

In 2014 I will be taking more time to myself, I aim to take a break from everything at least once every quarter to recharge my batteries so that I don't burn out. I'll also be making more time for family and friends. This doesn't mean saying "yes" to everything, nor is it connected to any sort of Fear of Missing Out, but rather having quality over quantity. Prioritising who and what is important and concentrating on spending time there.

2. Look after Number One
2014 is the year I will focus more on myself and my health; on what I'm feeling instead of what everyone else is, on what I want instead of what other people want for me and on putting things in to perspective. 2013 was quite topsy-turvy for me and I suffered as a result of that, it's not something I'm going in to here and now but I will post on it at some point this year. Until then, taking care of myself and my interest remains my top priority.

3. Pass my work qualifications
I started a new job in January 2013 and in February I will be starting an industry qualification which will take up the majority of the year. It's been such a long time since I had to actually learn something new, revise and sit exams and I won't lie - I am nervous. Even at school I had an almost crippling fear of failure and that certainly hasn't left me as I've got older but I'm hoping by following the two points above, as well as being older and more organised, I will be able to get through them successfully. 

4. Take a flower arranging class
This one is quite specific but it's something I really want to do. I love fresh flowers and when I have my own home I would love to always have fresh flowers in the house. I'd like to do an arranging class for the fun of it and because it's always nice to have a hobby.

5. Read more - at least one new book a month
I love reading and when I was younger I would constantly have my nose in a book. I received a Kindle for Christmas despite my reluctance for years to give up my actual books I cat help but be thrilled by it. It's so much more portable and the book options are endless so there really is no excuse for not reading. Knowledge is power and you expand your knowledge and your understanding of so many things when you read. I've already read three books since I received my Kindle and I feel so much better for it.

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With my new goals set, let's see how I managed with the resolutions I set myself in 2013…

1. Pass my driving test
Sadly this one didn't come to fruition. I found it incredibly difficult to make time for lessons as I got a new job in January 2013 which meant working Monday-Friday whilst still helping to cover my old role until May which involved working weekends too so for much of the year I didn't have any time. Once my weekends became free I realised that actually, I'd like to spend those two (precious) days doing other things and that yes, I would quite like to go out on a Friday night and have a few drinks, something I couldn't do if I had a lesson on the Saturday. I'm sure I will pick this up again at some point and I do think knowing how to drive is important but in London, it isn't essential for me.

2. Try a hot yoga class 
Again, I didn't manage to tick this one off my list but in my defence that was on medical grounds. 2013 wasn't the healthiest year for me so I didn't manage to give this one a try. Hopefully I'll be given a pass to try it this year but I am prone to dizziness and blood pressure changes. If I can't try this then I would like to try anti-grativty yoga or Pilates. 

3. Set a monthly budget to help build my savings
This is a proud achievement of mine. I managed to save enough for my trip to Australia (I'm going this year!) and I fully intend to carry on with my budgeting this year. Even cutting back on little things like lunch and snacks has made a huge difference and I'm very proud of myself as I haven't had to cut back on any of the things I love nor have I missed out on anything I wanted. If you would like a post on how I taught myself to budget, let me know.

4. Attend an evening class to learn a language
I am SO disappointed that this didn't happen but even more so because it genuinely wasn't my fault. I contacted two language schools and neither responded to me so unfortunately I was unable to do this as I didn't want to teach myself with tapes. I will be trying to contact them again this year as I genuinely believe it is very important and I would welcome the challenge and the new hobby.

5. Master cooking a roast dinner
Well I'm not sure if I could say I "mastered" this but I certainly achieved it on several occasions and I am incredibly pleased with myself for doing so!

As you can see, my resolutions and goals for 2013 were a little bit hit and miss but when all is said and done, I achieved far more in 2013 than I could have hoped for. No I didn't pass my driving test but I did get a promotion at work in my first year, no I didn't learn to speak Spanish but I learned how to hold a champagne glass properly (very important skill!) and no, I didn't try hot yoga but I did learn how to play polo - just three of the things I learned in 2013 that took me by complete and utter surprise.

I'll still be very focused on my goals and resolutions for 2014, simply because I do not know any other way to be, but I've made them a lot more about me as a person. Everything else? When I need it, it will happen and I certainly won't be beating myself up if at the end of this year I still haven't managed to contort myself into the shape of a pretzel in 40 degree heat at a yoga studio!

What are your goals and resolutions for 2014?

Vicky x


  1. Good luck with everything...here's to a wonderful 2014. xx


  2. Good luck with your goals, you've certainly set yourself a challenge. Some interesting ones in there too! :)

    Mine are the usual eat healthy and get into shape, but I suppose it's the same for everyone post-Christmas. When the weather gets better I want to start running again, I just need a buddy. Or maybe start swimming again, because I used to love it.

    And I also want to be a bit more organised in terms of keeping in touch with old friends. I saw my best friend once last year (her engagement party) so would like to see her more, as well as a few other friends I've lost contact with post-uni!


    1. Thanks hun, good luck with yours too.

      I'm the same when it comes to fitness, I want an exercise buddy because I get bored on my own but I definitely want to try swimming this year too! xx

  3. These are all great goals babe! keep up updated on how they are going through the year! xox


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