7 January 2014

Beauty | Naturalmente Shampoo and Conditioner*

I received a press release a month or so ago with an introduction to Naturalmente, an Italian brand that were launching their vast range of naturally derived haircare products in the UK. With the opening paragraph including the phrase: "Naturalmente is challenging you to stop using traditional haircare and start treating your locks to a more gentle formula to reveal naturally beautiful hair" I admit, I was curious. I can't resist a challenge, especially one that promises to be kind to hair.

A few weeks later, the Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo* and the Anti-Oxidant Conditioner* arrived on my desk and I couldn't wait to try them both.

Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo*

I was really excited to try the Rosemary and Lavender shampoo, much more so than the conditioner if I'm honest, as I love really good shampoo and from the reviews I had read, this was a really good shampoo! 

Before I go any further let me be very blunt here: I do not like this as a shampoo. I had been expecting a wonder product, instead I was left feeling like I'd washed my hair in Fairy liquid. Remember when you were little and you washed your Barbie's hair in washing up liquid (I'm pretty sure I can't have been the only one!) that's how my hair felt after using this shampoo - matted, brittle and coarse. I don't buy in to the "well you obviously usually use products full of silicone that coat the hair shaft" as I don't. I've used purifying and detoxifying, as this is, shampoo on my hair before and I've never felt anything quite like I did with this.

What I will say though is it's a nice scalp treatment, a once-every-few-weeks treatment applied directly to the scalp/roots of the hair, to lift any product build up which is how I've been using it as I simply cannot justify trying to shampoo my hair with it.

The essential oils smell absolutely divine but they, along with the high water content, make the product very thin and loose which isn't to my personal taste. 

It's a shame because I really wanted to love this shampoo, especially after I saw the lovely Roisin with her divine locks raving about it but sadly, it doesn't work for me and my mane.

Anti-Oxidant Conditioner* 

The Anti-Oxidant conditioner is formulated for coloured and bleached hair and is enriched with a whole host of natural ingredients to preserve and condition the hair shaft after the colouring or bleaching process which takes a lot out of your hair.

I colour my hair every six weeks and over the summer I decided to strip back my natural near-black locks and go lighter before going dark again in the winter so my hair has really been through the mill this year yet due to my obsessive care of it, it remains in very good condition so when I spotted the Anti-Oxidant conditioner I knew I had to try it, every little helps after all.

In contrast to the shampoo, I absolutely love the conditioner. It's rich in texture and leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny and manageable exactly as the website claims. I really believe the addition of olive oil is responsible for this as it's long been known to be excellent for hair. 

The anti-oxidant enriched formula or carrots, nettles and marigolds is designed to help prevent colour loss whilst helping to nourish the hair with the addition of Vitamins A and E. Did it prolong my colour? The jury is out on that claim but it certainly made my hair feel well conditioned, soft and strong.

Whilst the shampoo didn't work for me, Naturalmente is a wonderful concept, natural products with biodegradable packaging, the products are SLS and paraben free and suitable for vegans and they do not test on animals, all of which are important issues and I applaud them for that.

Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo and Anti-Oxidant Conditioner - £9 each for 250ml

Have you tried Naturalmente? What did you think?

Vicky x

* PR Sample


  1. The shampoo sounds...it doesn't sound like my cup of tea either! ;(


    1. It certainly wasn't mine either sadly! xx


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