29 January 2014

Fashion | Ray-Ban RZ5184 Frames*

Like many people, I require glasses for close work and using the computer. Since I've been working in an office I've noticed that I'm wearing my glasses more than ever (and not just because of the 8 hours a day I spend staring at a screen!) and it occurred to me that I hadn't changed my frames in nearly four years! Whilst that's a testament to the quality of the frames I have (and I'll be posting on them separately later) I started to think that it would be nice to have an alternative pair or two. After all, if they've got to be worn you might as well make them interesting. 

When the people at Vision Direct very kindly offered to let me choose a pair of glasses from their website I went for a pair that I'd been considering for a while, the Ray-Ban RX5184* in black. 

I was due an eye test anyway so I opted to wait for my new prescription and have the lenses put in by my own optician but you can also have your lenses added on the Vision DIrect website if you know your prescription.

Once I had my glasses back with my prescription lenses in I couldn't wait to start wearing them. I had initially worried that they might be a little overpowering as a black frame can often look very harsh but they are very flattering and the shape would suit pretty much every face shape which is always a bonus. 

Having previously worn quite small square glasses I found them a bit of a bold choice but one that I really love. Their sturdy look hides the fact they are incredibly light to wear - I hate the feeling of heavy glasses so this is always a deciding factor for me when picking out new frames, I want something lightweight but stable which they are.

I'd thoroughly recommend Vision Direct for anyone looking for new frames or contact lenses as they have a huge variety of them and the service is fantastic. I can't get on with contact lenses personally but should I change my mind, I'll know where to go to get them!

Vicky x

* PR Sample


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