9 February 2014

Fashion | The Zara Coat

If there's one thing I really truly love buying it's a coat and despite picking up two so far this winter I couldn't resist adding a third to my collection. What started as an innocent browse in Zara (FYI there's no such thing, every trip to Zara is laced with the intent to buy something, usually many things) ended with me finding the perfect coat. Well, the perfect coat at this moment in time anyway - no doubt I'll find another perfect coat in September, and October and so on!

When I spotted this coat across the overflowing sale racks I knew I had to have it. Of course, it wasn't on sale, that would be too much good Zara fortune for one week (I later picked up the most incredible sale shoes at an obscenely low price - look out for them next week!) but I wasn't deterred. It's London. It's winter. A coat is a necessity, not a luxury.

If ever a coat looked as though it had been made with me in mind, then this is that coat. Black, belted and with a little ruffled skirt-like hem it's as though the coat Gods had come together to create my ideal coat. Classy enough to be worn at night, classic enough to be worn during the day. Believe it or not, despite my vast and varied collection of coats, I actually didn't own a single black coat until this one and believe me, I've searched high and low for one!

The material is a cotton, polyester and wool blend which means that whilst it will attract stray fibres from your scarf, it won't attract every last molecule floating around in the atmosphere with the sole intention of making you look like a human lint roller. It's just the right thickness, heavy enough to serve its purpose; light enough to layer without feeling suffocated. 

You can find the coat here on the Zara website.

What are your favourite winter clothing items?

Vicky x


  1. I love the coat!
    Your shoes are really cute as well - where are they from?
    My winter essentials are massive jumpers and knee length cable knit-style socks! For work, it's all about layers!

    1. Thanks hun, they're from New Look. Definitely all about layers for work! There's no happy medium temperature wise in my office! Xx

  2. Loooove this coat - so different to most of the winter coats that are on the high street. Bloomin devastating that it was on the sale rack but not in the sale. P.s. wonder what shoes you picked up!?! Haha, I often get mine out of the box just to look at them (too cool) xx

    1. Thanks hun, I thought it was different too which is why I had to have it!

      Haha I'm looking for an excuse to wear mine, contemplating whether it's worth catching frostbite to wear them in this weather xx


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