12 February 2014

Lifestyle: So, I've Signed Up For a 10K...

That's right, despite an aversion to flat shoes and any form of actual exercise, I have signed up to run 10k for charity.

Why I hear you ask. Why would somebody who last attempted any form of running during a school PE class in 2005 sign up for a 10k run? If I'm completely, utterly and brutally honest with you, I'm not sure myself. I'm running to raise money for Help for Heroes, a charity that I have supported for many years and one that is close to my heart. Close enough to run 10k for? Apparently so. 

This all started just over a week ago when I saw the link to the Great London 10k appear on the H4H twitter feed, I clicked it out of curiosity and thought - do you know what, I think I'd quite like to give that a go, so I saved the page and thought no more of it that day. The next day I went to work and said to my colleagues that I'd considered signing up for it - "how hard can it be?" I said. "It's only just over 6 miles!" I said. "If I can't run it, I'll walk it!"

Moments later I'd logged on to the website and that was it: I was signed up to take part in the Great London 10k for Help for Heroes. After signing up I sent messages to a few close friends to tell them what I'd done, I'd once read that the best way to truly commit to something was to tell people about it, that way you're less inclined to back out. Moments later my friend Steve replied, I had expected him to find it absolutely hilarious, we'd worked together for nearly 4 years and never once had I expressed interest in anything like this - instead he offered to sign up with me! After that our mutual friend David also signed up so we're going to run it together!

So there we have it, on a whim I'd signed myself up for a 10k run and roped in two friends. Not bad going for a Monday afternoon! Whilst my decision making may have been flimsy to say the least, I'm fully committed to this 10k and giving it 100%. Physical challenges have never been my thing, I'm not physically gifted, despite being a pretty good gymnast as a child, it's never been my forte and I know that so I'm prepared to work extra hard to make sure I do my charity proud.

Have you ever taken part in a 10k run? Do you have any tips for me if so? Or even some playlist suggestions to motivate me when I'm running.

Vicky x


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