17 February 2014

Lifestyle | My 10K Story: Nike Free Run 5.0

If you read my post last week, you'll know that I've signed up for a 10k run later this year. After signing up the first thing I did was start researching running shoes. Having never run properly before, or bought shoes specifically for running, I had no idea where to start!

I spent hours looking at different running shoes from a variety of brands and I made a list of the pros and cons of each model to help me focus on facts and not aesthetics. I then researched each brand and each shoe, reading expert opinion as well as the opinion of people who do actually go out and run wearing these shoes which I found very helpful in deciphering all of the exercise and running jargon.

Eventually I settled on the Nike Free Run 5.0 which I thankfully picked up from the junior section! Designed to imitate the feel of running barefoot (which doesn't sound fun or comfortable at all!), the shoes are designed with ultimate flexibility to allow your foot to move freely and naturally whilst providing the necessary support which is exactly what I was looking for. The cushioned insole is super comfortable and the shoes themselves feel weightless when on which is where I think the barefoot concept comes in.

So far, so good! They're super comfortable, they provide the right level of support for me and they're bright pink which of course, is an added bonus but makes me happy nonetheless. 

Vicky x



  1. I think it's amazing you signed up for the 10k! Such a dedication, I wish I could do that. Love the trainers :) obsessed with the Nike range at the minute.

    Becka x

    1. Thank you Becka! You'd be surprised what you can do, I'd never given this a seconds thought before! Xx

  2. Well done for signing up to the 10k! My sister is doing the same she's become so fit now. I wish I did it too. Need to start running but need to get some runners, love these ones! x


    1. Thank you Elaine, good luck to your sister! I hope you find a pair, I'm so pleased with mine! Xx


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