19 February 2014

Beauty | Cymex Lip Protector

I picked the Cymex Lip Protector up in my local chemist the day after I returned from Australia. After 17 hours on a plane and the drastic change in temperature, I wanted something that wouldn't only provide hydration but also protection from the cold.

Similar to my beloved Nivea SOS lip cream, the Cymex Lip Protector is a thick cream containing SPF 15, designed to protect your lips against wind, sun and cold which in turn helps to keep cold sores at bay by limiting the  weather from acting as a trigger.

The applicator ensures you never use more than necessary and also means you can easily decant the product and apply from the back of your hand rather than directly from the tube. 

You can use the Lip Protector as often as necessary and I've noticed the longer I use it the less frequently I need to apply it. As I said, it's a thick cream but it doesn't sit on the lips or create a film, instead in sinks in quickly provided protection and hydration quickly. 

I've tried, tested and loved many lip balms and creams but this product has taken pride of place in my handbag lately and it's been an absolute Godsend in this cold weather. I'm not sure how effective it is at preventing cold sores as I don't get them frequently but it definitely protects my lips from the weather better than anything I've tried before.

As I say, I picked mine up at my local chemist and when I checked the Cymex website, it redirected me to Boots where the page was missing but if you can get your hands on this, do! I cannot recommend it enough.

What is your winter lip saviour? 

Vicky x 

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