17 March 2014

Beauty | St Patrick's Day Nails

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Having spent the weekend bed bound I was itching to do something to occupy me and with Ireland on course to win the 6 Nations on Saturday I decided to get into the spirit of all things green and turn my hand to a very basic St Patrick's Day themed nail look.

The only thing I didn't think through was the flag, I painted it so it would be the right way if you were looking at me but to me looking at my nails it's backwards!

Colours used (from thumb): OPI 'Glitzerland', Nina Ultra Pro 'Anaconda Liked It', Nina Ultra Pro 'Anaconda Liked it' OPI 'Alpine Snow' Barry M 'Orange', Nubar 'Meadow Sparkle' and Barry M 'Mint Green'.

Vicky x

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