16 March 2014

Beauty | Wonderland Wigs Double Volume Instant Weave*

This hairpiece is so good even I raised a smile!

I love my hair extensions and I'd been looking at new clip-ins for quite a while and had researched a few different brands and styles but I didn't actually get around to ordering any so when Wonderland Wigs contacted me to ask if they could send me a hairpiece I couldn't have been happier or more grateful!

I chose the Double Volume Instant Weave* in Raven 2, a 3/4 wig which makes an instant impact adding both unbeatable volume and ready styled curls. I was a little bit apprehensive about it being a 3/4 wig and so when I'd been researching clip-ins previously I'd steered completely clear of these as I had a misconceived idea about what they were and in all honesty I couldn't really get my head around the idea: just how would a 3/4 wig work? How would I apply it?

The hair is attached to an inter-laced half head cap and secures to your crown with combs rather than clips. I actually really like the way this weave secures as it grips in to your own hair without pulling on it as clip-ins can do, especially with heavier hair pieces.

For a night out I would section my hair from ear to ear, incorporating some of the crown and clip away. I'd then take the bottom section of hair into a ponytail and pin flat to my head before applying the 3/4 weave at the crown and blending with the front section. On the few occasions I have used this weave I've applied it as I would clip-ins and just blended my own hair in.

The hair in this particular weave is synthetic, although it is also available in human hair, yet it looks exceptionally natural and blends easily with my own hair. I usually find synthetic hair looks unnaturally shiny (read: plastic) but that doesn't apply in this case. Even under bright sunlight and the ever harsh flash of a camera it's almost impossible to detect that it's not my own hair.

I absolutely love my 3/4 wig, it's so easy to apply and wear, it's definitely overtaken my Sleep Rollers Emergency Curly Blow as my favourite hair piece! Perfect Princess hair in less than 5 minutes - I'm sold! 

Have you ever tried a 3/4 wig? What do you think of them?

Vicky x

*PR Sample


  1. I won't lie the word wig slightly scares me. But this looks amazing on you! Very natural looking and blends so well! xx

    1. It did me too before I tried this but it's so natural and easy to wear, I think the fact it isn't a full head makes a big difference. It's just like having a weft of thick clip-ins on a circular clip xx

  2. I have about 5 3/4 wigs now!! I have the one you have too! Love them all!

    1. Ooh which is your favourite? x


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