28 March 2014

Beauty | Wonderland Wigs Faux Fringe

As I'm constantly growing my hair I try to do very little to it other than slightly changing the colour every now and then and I have to admit, it can get a little boring. I'm eternally tempted to do something, anything, with it from cutting it in to a sleek bob (been there, done that, still growing it out!) to adding a full fringe but if I'm honest, I don't want the commitment of maintaining a fringe on a daily basis but I do like the look.

With that in mind I set off to find a faux fringe to give me the change I was craving without it being permanent and something I know I would regret. After my excellent experience with Wonderland Wigs and their 3/4 Instant Weave I settled on their 'Straight Clip In Fringe' in Black 1. 

The fringe itself is easy enough to apply, securing with two comb clips. I can't quite remember how I parted my hair to do this but it took a matter of seconds. You can wear your faux fringe with your hair up but you'll have to work harder to blend the fringe it or cover with a band. 

Whilst I do like the effect, the downside for me is that this hair is synthetic and it looks synthetic. It has that plastic-y shine that screams "this is not my real hair!" which is disappointing but for £6.99 what do you really expect?! One thing I would say though is that with synthetic hair I often find the darker it is the more noticeable it is that it's synthetic, lighter colours often look more natural in my experience.  If this came in natural human hair I'd buy one in a flash because it's a great way to change your look and requires minimum effort and zero commitment. 

Perfect for those who want to try a full fringe before placing themselves at the mercy of their hairdresser and her scissors, a faux fringe is definitely the way forward.

Have you tried a faux fringe? What did you think - did it encourage you to have one cut?

Vicky x


  1. Wow it looks so natural on you! Love it!



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