1 April 2014

Restaurant Review | Jamie's Italian

On Saturday night I took a break from my revision to have a catch up with my best friend. We're both very similar and our catch-ups always revolve around good food and better cocktails so we settled on our first visit to Jamie's Italian. I say our first visit because I'm pretty confident it may become our regular local restaurant of choice.

Obviously each restaurant will be set out differently but ours had a lovely atmosphere; really spacious with the main restaurant area sandwiched between two kitchens so you can watch the chefs prepare your food. It was super laid back with exposed tables (by that I mean no table cloths), metal garden chairs and branded hand towels for napkins. Despite the chilled vibe the service was absolutely fantastic with the waiting staff being incredibly attentive and knowledgable. 

We started with a shared tomato, mozzarella and red onion salad which was incredible - full of flavour and exactly how it tasted in Milan. It's so hard to find really authentic tasting Italian food outside of Italy in my opinion but the chefs at Jamie's have nailed this. We also had an Italian bread selection with olive oil and balsamic vinegar but it didn't last long enough to snap, I'd swooped on the perfect focaccia before it was even placed on the table!

For my main I went for the Jamie's Italian burger and opted to have my onions, chillies and peppers on the side (to save me picking them out myself!) with the funky chips which were quite possibly the best chips ever. Cooked in their skins with fresh garlic and parsley they were so good I could have eaten them over and over again! Mozzarella was a really nice addition to the burger and something I'll try out myself. Next time I think I'll plump for a pasta dish.

Jodie opted for the sea bass which you can kind of see hiding behind my mammoth burger and she can confirm it was delicious.

The real winner for me though was the dessert. The special of the day (or week) was a sharing platter of their most popular desserts in miniature. What's better than dessert? Lots of little desserts, that's what! The platter featured their delicious signature profiteroles, a stunning berry pavlova, an amaretti crumble and the two winners for me: the Epic Brownie (no really, it's called the Epic Brownie!) and the tiramisu with candied orange served on a tea spoon.

We washed all three courses down with a few Aperol Spritzers (what else can you have at an Italian!) and resolved to return to try the rest of the menu!

Now, onto the outfit. I wanted to keep it pretty simple because I knew it was going to be a super casual environment. That isn't to say you couldn't have dressed up for a special occasion, lots of people had, but it's the sort of place where you don't look out of sorts in jeans.

Top - New Look
Necklace - New Look
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Zara
Watch - Chopard

I kept my makeup simple and wore my Peaches Pony (post coming soon) for a voluminous half updo.

I'm really late to the party with the statement necklace trend, mainly because I tend to avoid any sort of costume jewellery as a rule but I love this necklace and how easy it is to throw it on over a tshirt!

Vicky x



  1. Love the necklace! And also love the look of those desserts hehe x

  2. Adore your outfit, those Zara heels are so beautiful, perfect for Spring :) And WOW at the dessert, I'm a total sweet tooth and that looks beyond amazing xx

    1. Thank you doll, they're the ones from last year but I adore them! The dessert was incredible, better than it looks! xx

  3. Im completely in love with your style! That necklace is absolutely gorgeous :) xx



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