3 April 2014

Beauty | Ciate Dolls House Collection

When I saw the Ciate Dolls House Collection on the Ciate website a few months ago I didn't hesitate in purchasing it. The super cute packing sucked me in, the neutral pastel shades were spring perfect and the porcelain finish sounded delightful.

Delivery from the Ciate website was super fast and I was so excited when it landed on my desk. The set contains five miniature polishes at 5ml each. Every shade is a neutral, pastel shade and they dry to  a "porcelain" finish which is more matte than anything else. Porcelain to me is soft and muted, not matte but not glossy.

Technically, this should be the perfect spring nail polish set but it's isn't and I'll let the picture below show why...

Above shows 4 coats, just to get some sort of opacity, I appreciate the polishes are meant to dry to a chalky finish (according to Ciate) but applying them is like dragging nails down a blackboard. Because they have a chalky, powdery finish, when you try to paint a second layer on it drags and sticks creating a patchy mess.

I've found they apply better on artificial nails as you can see from the swatches above but even then they drag and require numerous coats. By adding a topcoat the patches aren't as noticeable but adding a glossy topcoat defeats the purpose of the formula.

Overall the colours are gorgeous but the formula is, in my opinion, absolutely terrible. I don't like being negative but I will always be honest and quite frankly this set is a waste of £18.

Have you tried this set? Did you have problems with it too?

Vicky x


  1. I've been desperate to buy this for ages - getting sucked in by the cute colours and dolls house packaging. I don't think I'll bother now! I don't normally have a problem with Ciate polishes, but I don't like the finish of these at all. xx

    1. I was so disappointed, the colours are beautiful but the formula and finish are awful! xx

  2. Hi Vicky. I have had problems with these polishes too. I don't want to spam my link but you can read about it here if you want Carly's Beauty World
    Did you find they had lasting power? Carly. X

    1. Just read your review Carly and our experiences were the same! I detailed it there for you x


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