9 May 2014

Restaurant Review | Jackson + Rye

Sometimes you just need comfort food. The reassuring internal hug of something fried that says "Hey! It's not so bad, here have some spicy coleslaw and forget all about tripping up the escalators this morning/laddering your tights before a big meeting/accidentally calling your boss 'dad'' and a few weeks ago that's exactly what I needed so I trotted off to Soho to locate Jackson + Rye.

One of the best things about Central London at lunchtime is that it's so busy, people from a variety of industries pour onto the streets and in to cafes, restaurants and let's be honest, bars, many of whom are alone. Dining alone is perfectly acceptable and when you spend eight hours a day with the same people, in the same room it's also a Godsend. One of the worst things about Central London at lunchtime is, you guessed it, it's always busy! Getting a table or even a takeaway at some of London's finest new fast food restaurants almost feels like an impossible task: factor in hungry local workers with an infinite number of tourists and you try persuading the waitress that yes, you really do need that booth that you could cram six people into, you have magazines to read after all... Thankfully Jackson + Rye like so many others has seating and service at the bar which is exactly where I perched myself.

Having scoured the menu prior to setting off I knew I wanted the buttermilk fried chicken, served with spicy coleslaw, and a side of fries. You can't see it very well but under those two perfectly cooked, deliciously coated pieces of fried chicken lies a pile of spicy coleslaw that quite frankly, is a game changer. 

The food was fantastic, really well cooked and full of flavour, the service was also spot on; attentive enough but with room to breathe. It's not the cheapest of lunches, even by Central London standards but it was worth it. I took a slow walk back to the office - don't underestimate the filling affect of this meal, it looks pretty small but it packed a filling punch.

I'll definitely be going back there of an evening with the girls to try something else and sample the wine and cocktail menu!

Have you been to Jackson + Rye?

Vicky x


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