26 May 2014

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As you may have noticed, it's been nearly a month since I last blogged. If you follow me on Twitter you'll see that I recently found myself in hospital after a panic attack. Whilst I won't divulge too much on this topic, a) because it's personal and b) I really don't want to, what I will say is that the last few weeks had really knocked me for six but that finally I feel like I'm back to myself which is the most important thing.

Blogging really fell by the wayside for me over the last while, I found that I had very little desire to sit at the laptop and try to come up with a post, something that usually comes so naturally to me and rather than sit down and write something false and contrived I decided not to write anything at all and I was surprised at how little this bothered me, another sign that I wasn't myself. 

Today is the first time I've actually sat down and opened my laptop for something other than a Homeland marathon in well over a month and it felt nice to take a break but the better I feel the more I miss my blog and everything it entails from the sense of community to the joy of discussing something I really do love. 

I now have so many things to blog about that this is where the balance needs to be struck as I don't want to binge blog and then go for weeks with nothing. I still have exams at work and I'm still focusing a lot on myself, my health and of course my 10k which has crept up on me quicker than I care to think about.

To touch very briefly on the panic attack subject, I am probably the last person I'd expect to have had a panic attack but I did and it was awful. If anybody feels like they're struggling then don't suffer in silence, your pride is worth nothing compared to your health. 

Vicky x


  1. Don't worry about the blogging....just concentrate on getting well. x

    1. Thanks doll, feeling so much better now x

  2. Aw Vicky I'm sorry to hear that but soo happy to hear you're feeling better and like yourself again! I can't wait to see your new posts :) xx



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