24 August 2014

Sunday Summary #1

What better way to get back into blogging than to jump on a blogger bandwagon! The 'Sunday' series (a sum up of the week leading up to one of the most delicious of days) has been going for ages and as always, I'm late to the party so I have more than a week to sum up!

The last few weeks have been so non-stop that being able to sit down a blog in my pyjamas on a Sunday morning whilst thinking about what to whip up for brunch feels like the ultimate indulgence. 

The last few weeks have been manic to say the least and being brutally honest I have been burning the candle at both ends and I have finally burned out! I think we can all relate to having a bit of a life change and doing something drastic - whether that's cutting your hair short, completely overhauling your look or going out in the evening and coming home in the morning after drinking and dancing the night away (me!), sometimes you just have to let go. I did and I feel so much better for it.

I might not have been blogging myself but I've certainly been keeping up to date with others and I've fallen completely head over heels for decorating blogs at the moment. Working in the industry I do, I love design and seeing blogs full to the brim with such creative ideas and craft tips has really inspired me. 

Having spent the last few weeks constantly on the go, my eating habits have really suffered as I've been almost living on convenience food; snacks grabbed here and there with the occasional salad thrown in. I'm really looking forward to getting back on the healthy eating wagon this week and I'm looking for food blogs for inspiration so please link your favourites below!

Today I'm mainly going to be scheduling posts now that I have time and the blogging bug back. My beautiful blogging friend Zoe Newlove recently posted her tips for balancing a blog with a full time job which is something I will definitely be following. Considering I'm so obsessively organised I'm surprised I didn't try and put a proper schedule in place sooner but to be honest, not having any commitment has been so freeing and I feel like I can embrace my blog so much more because I never force it - if I don't feel it, I don't write it. 

This post has given me time to decide what's on the menu for brunch today - avocado, bacon and tomato on toasted sourdough. I'll be whipping that up before marinading some chicken ready to put together some delicious chicken and vegetable skewers together for dinner tonight - keep your eyes peeled for those recipes.

How are you planning on spending this Bank Holiday weekend?

Vicky x

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