14 September 2014

Lifestyle | Birthday Weekend: 24

So on Monday I turned 24 and as you'll know, I'm not the biggest fan of my own birthday because I dislike the attention but as always, I managed to drag the celebrations out for an entire weekend! This is going to be quite a picture heavy post (with even a video or two!) so sit back and enjoy!

For me, birthdays are a great time to catch up with friends and family and bring different people in your life together. As you get older you realise you have quite distinct friendship groups (or at least I do): there are the people you went to school with who know you better than you know yourself and still have photographic proof of that awful blue eyeshadow you were so enamoured with and those hoop earrings that you used to wear - keep these people on side, not least because they can expose the true you at the drop of a hat; then there's the previous work colleagues that transcended the typical colleague boundary and became genuine friends, I also group some college friends in here too and finally you have the current colleagues and the grown up friends you make through your new connections and the networking you never realised you could do! It's lovely to celebrate with them individually (and it prolongs the whole celebration!) but it's also nice to bring everyone together.

On the Friday I headed off to my favourite birthday haunt, Brickyard in Essex. You guys all know how much I love this place by now, I go there so frequently I should probably ask to buy shares in the place but for me, especially for a celebration, it is spot on. The staff are wonderful, the cocktails are mixed perfectly, the food is divine and the atmosphere is always on the money. You can have an entire night out in one place, dinner and drinks first and then dancing the night away.

I opted for my Three Floor dress that I wore to Aqua Shard a few months ago (post here) because I'm still besotted with it and I had my hair super straight for the first time in years and decided I actually quite liked it. I kept my makeup simple but defined and wore my new favourite Eyelure lashes (#141).

Here's two videos of my never-ending birthday sparkler!

On Saturday I headed back to Hakkasan which also remains one of my favourite restaurants. I wore another dress by Three Floor, this time it was the City Lights dress and I can honestly say it's probably my favourite thing that I've worn so far this year.

I accessorised with my favourite embellished clutch from Accessorize and these beautiful sandals from New Look.

I used the Hyperlapse app to film this mini Outfit of the Night post which shows the dress a lot better.

So that's my birthday done and dusted for another year. Another year older, not remotely wiser. 

Vicky x


  1. Happy birthday for last week hun! Looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating and I have to say your dresses are beautiful! I love that green one, it's gorgeous!! xo

    Jessie || All Things Beautiful - X

    1. Thank you angel! The green one is my absolute favourite, it's so stunning in person! xx

  2. Those dresses, as always are gorgeous! Glad you had a good weekend :) xx

    1. Thank you angel, shame you could't make it :( xx


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