1 September 2014

Restaurant Review | Mad Hatters Tea Party at The Sanderson Hotel

A few weekends ago my friend Natasha and I decided to visit the Mad Hatters Tea Party at The Sanderson Hotel for one of the most popular afternoon tea sessions in London.

I absolutely love afternoon tea and I'd wanted to visit the Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatters Tea Party at The Sanderson for so long that in the excitement I didn't even think to try and take decent blogging photos, I grabbed a few quick snaps on my iPhone which I'll be sharing in this post but it was such a great day that the only way you can truly do it justice is to visit for yourself - I know I'll certainly be going back.

When we arrived our table wasn't ready so we sat ourselves at the bar and indulged in a few bellinis (anybody who knows me will know how much I love a bellini!) which were mixed to perfection. The bar itself has a great vibe and atmosphere and I think it would be great for pre-night out drinks with the girls.

The menu is presented inside an old book and we had a quick peruse before we chose our teas, neither of us were feeling adventurous enough to try the proffered fruity teas and opted for "normal" tea instead. If you've not had tea brewed from leaves before you're missing out, it's the perfect cuppa.

The menu being stuck in the middle of a book added to the fairytale magic.

Look at me inching as close as possible to those delicious cakes and sandwiches!

The 'Drink Me' potion was delicious and probably my favourite part.

Who wouldn't love zebra dinnerware? 

A riddle to solve...

I absolutely loved the presentation of the sugar cubes in an old wind-up jewellery box!

Who doesn't love a teapot wearing a crown?

The food was absolutely delicious and we were regularly asked if we would like any more but for such small bites, they're super filling so we didn't take advantage of this. The sandwiches were lovely although I did accidentally bite into a salmon roll and for somebody who doesn't eat fish I felt like a veggie who had just eaten meat by accident. The scones were divine, I particularly liked the savoury ones with a herb butter and I think I'll whip a batch up myself.

There's a two hour limit on the tables but as they were super busy and running behind we were allowed to stay as long as we wanted and more cocktails were consumed!

All in all, it's a wonderful day out and a really nice treat. I'll definitely be going back! At £38 per head the price is reasonable for what you receive, I'd say it was worth every penny.

Have you been?

Vicky x


  1. Oh this is the cutest place!! I would love to go here xx
    Jessie @ All Things Beautiful

    1. It really is adorable, we were seated inside but there's also a lovely courtyard area which feels so magical xx

  2. You know how much I love an afternoon tea, I'll definitely have to check out The Sanderson. I love how super cute everything is, it looks so magical and intriguing. xx

    1. I'm more than up for another visit if you fancy it, it was so super cute xx


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