31 May 2015

Beauty | What's in My Makeup Bag

If you saw my earlier haul post then you've probably already got a good idea of what's in my makeup bag but since I decided to streamline it I thought I'd share what I'm using every day.

I don't take my makeup bag to work with me unless I have an evening event straight from work but the fact I've now managed to get my every day makeup trimmed down into a handbag friendly makeup bag is something I'm very proud of! I went for a spa break with my friend Kate recently and as she's used to me carrying a hand luggage sized makeup bag with me whenever we go anywhere I think it's fair to say she was as surprised as I am that I can now happily and easily just pop this into my handbag and go.

My makeup bag featured in my recent haul post and is from M&S, it's a beautiful pastel bag, it's so soft and it was only £7.50 so it was an absolute bargain of a purchase!

La Roche Posay - Effeclar Duo [+]
I couldn't live without this now. I spent a few weeks without it at the start of the year and my skin didn't appreciate the break at all. I came out in two spots and my skin looked and felt dull, tired and generally awful. Since I've reintroduced the Effelcar Duo [+] my skin is happier, healthier and looks glowing again. 

I pop this on every morning before I apply any makeup and then again in the evening after I've removed my makeup if my skin needs a little extra boost.

Charlotte Tilbury - Wonder Glow
I've heard many good things about Wonder Glow from friends who swear by it and I've seen how beautiful their skin looks when they're wearing it so I caved and picked one up myself and I really like it. It's a lightly golden fluid with light reflecting particles which gives a beautiful glow to the skin when used under makeup or as a highlight over makeup. I also like wearing this on it's on with just some fake tan.

I apply this after my Effecter Duo [+] and before my foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury - Light Wonder Foundation 
I didn't expect to love this foundation and I'm not sure if it's the combination of all of the Tilbury products working in harmony but my skin looks absolutely flawless when I use this.

I apply over Wonder Glow using my fingers or my Sephora mineral foundation brush for a flawless finish. 

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge - Pale Pink
As you can probably tell by the old packaging this product is a long standing favourite of mine and the reason I didn't take the lid off to show you the colour is because it's nearly gone! The Pot Rogue is a multi-purpose product and I think it's time I picked up some more colours.

I apply this to my cheeks using my Real Techniques contour brush and to my lips using my ring finger.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm
I picked my first Burt's Bees lip balm up in Australia last year and now I can't be without it. It moisturises my lips in the summer when other lip treatments can be a bit too heavy and sticky with the heat and humidity and proves a sheer wash of colour.

I apply this every morning after my Effeclar Duo [+] and blot off before dabbing on my Pot Rouge.

Charlotte Tilbury - Airbursh Flawless Finish Powder
I dropped this recently and shattered what was left of the product yet still it is one of the most important items in my makeup bag because the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder is quite possibly the best powder I've ever used. It's super fine and has no noticeable or topical shimmer in it yet when you apply it it creates the most flawless finish, seamlessly covering any pores or fine lines.

I apply a light dusting of this through the centre of my face and across the cheekbones before swirling the excess across my face.

Charlotte Tilbury - Filmstar Bronze and Glow
I seriously wondered what all the fuss was about this product which actually put me off buying it for ages but eventually I caved and after one swipe of a brush I knew exactly why it was such a cult product: the Filmstar Bronze and Glow is divine. It straddles the fine line of being suitable as a bronzer as well as a contour colour. I don't like warm colours to contour but this applied just under the cheekbone creates the perfect sculpting effect and the glow is equally as divine brushed across the tops of cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose.

I use this as a bronzer and contour colour with the glow to add a little extra dimension every day.

Aerin - Floral Illuminating Pressed Powder
As I'm using my Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue for colour on my cheeks I use this Floral Illuminting Powder to add a little extra colour and freshness to my every day makeup. The colours swirled together give a gentle pink sheen to my cheeks.

I generously swirl this on over the top of my Pot Rogue every day.

Tarte - eyelash curler* 
This eyelash curler from Tarte doesn't just look pretty, it curls my lashes better than any other lash curler I've ever tried and I include my Shu in that statement! 

I don't curl my lashes every day but I keep this in my makeup bag for days when I feel like I need a little extra lash life and curl.

Tarte - Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara*
This little travel sized mascara is perfect for throwing into my makeup bag because full sizes can often be too long and prevent the makeup bag closing or at least that's the excuse I've made with my overflowing makeup bags since forever. I digress. Lights, Camera, Lashes is one of the best mascaras I've ever used and I hunted high and low for a full size after being gifted one by Tarte. It is light weight and separates the lashes perfectly, coating each lash and conditioning them as it does so.

I apply a coat of this every morning and my lashes still look perfect by the time I remove it at night.

Honourable mention to my Armani Luminous Silk which also lives in my makeup bag as I use this and Light Wonder interchangeably, when I took the pictures of this post it was in my handbag because I'd taken it to the hairdressers to show my hairdresser but I still love it very much and use it religiously. 

What's in your makeup bag at the moment?

Vicky x

* Items gifted by Tarte as an introduction to the brand, I was not asked or paid to feature any of the items I received from Tarte.

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