22 September 2015

Lifestyle | My Birthday at Kensington Roof Gardens

Birthdays, as we all know, can be a pretty stressful occasion. I love everyone else's but hate being the centre of attention so I find planning my own birthday to be a complete and utter chore so when Lux Guest List contacted me earlier this year and very kindly offered to basically arrange it for me I jumped at the chance!

I've never really been much of a club person, always preferring a restaurant and a good bar over a nightclub (unless it's a private members club of course!) but I've loved Roof Gardens from the first time I visited so it was a natural choice for me although Lux also offer a guest list at other exclusive London venus such as Boujis, Dstrkt, Maddox, Bodo's Schloss, The Box and Cirque le Soir to name just a few of my other favourites - so much for a girl who doesn't like clubbing!! 

From my first communication with Jean at Lux, he could not have been more helpful, everything was arranged super quickly and easily which I was delighted about, it completely took the stress out of planning a birthday and wanting to go somewhere but without the risk of turning up and not getting in!

Unfortunately by the time my birthday rolled around I had a disgusting cold and three of my closest friends had to pull out of coming so we were a pretty small group and I was a very miserable birthday girl so only one picture of the evening actually survived which is a shame - I so wish I'd been feeling well enough to truly document my evening at Roof Gardens but you'll just have to believe me when I tell you it's an absolute ball and book yourself onto the guest list with Lux!!

Our table was in the Tudor Gardens and we could not have been better looked after by Allan, our host, he was so helpful and attentive all evening and I am so grateful for how well he treated us. We were served some amazing watering can cocktails which really need to be seen to be understood and made our way inside after a while for a quick dance before heading home a few hours later.

There's such a good mix of people at Roof Gardens and the drinks and food are brilliant, the barbecue is such a great touch and really sets it apart from other venues for me. The music they play is right up my street and it just has such a good vibe, it's unlike anywhere else in London!

I'd never used a guest list service or promoter before but I can tell you now, it is definitely is way forward and I'm already looking into using Lux to book my office Christmas party!

You can find more about Lux Guest List on their website - I honestly cannot thank and recommend them enough!

Where's your favourite place for a night out?

Vicky x

* Lux very kindly provided free entry and complimentary drinks for me on my evening


17 September 2015

Beauty | Organic Beauty Week with Antipodes*

Organic skincare and beauty products are something that have never really been massively on my radar; whilst I'm aware they exist it's unlikely I'll go out of my way to purchase an organic beauty product and I think this is something that needs to change.

Recently, the mother of a close friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and since then my friend has completely overhauled her beauty regime to include only organic products with everything from hair care to deodorant which I find truly admirable and actually, quite eye-opening. The skin is our largest organ and yet we (I'm using the royal 'we' here) often slather it in products with no thought for the ingredients in the products which are being directly absorbed into our bodies.

I'd never heard of Organic Beauty Week until I was contacted to see if I'd like to try some Antipodes products in honour of Organic Beauty Week. Antipodes is one of my favourite brands as you know (you can read my review of their Aura Manuka Honey Mask* here) and with organic beauty already very much on my mind I wanted to share some products that you may find to be a useful way of incorporating organic beauty into your daily routine.

Organic beauty week runs from 14th September to 20th September and this year the focus is on clarity - knowing what is in your products, even those with the organic label.

Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum*

With the changing weather, constant air conditioning in the office and working just a stones throw from one of the most polluted places in London my skin has been looking a bit lacklustre of late. I typically use rosehip oil which I love but this serum is an absolute game changer.

Until now I'd never found a serum that worked for me as I found they always fell into two distinct camps: so watery they had no impact at all or so thick it was like smoothing wallpaper paste across my cleansed face. This serum strikes the perfect balance between the two as the product is neither thick nor watery despite being packed full of mineral water.

After cleansing, I apply a few drops of the serum to the tips of my fingers, warm on my hands and apply to my face in alternate patting and massaging motions. At the moment I'm using it every day but in the next few weeks I will try to go down to every other day and ultimately once or twice a week.

My skin instantly feels more hydrated and I do feel like it looks smoother and plumper, I was running late earlier in the week and had to travel to work with no makeup on and everybody commented on how fresh and glowing my skin looked that morning, so much so my colleague rushed to Selfridges in search of this serum on her lunch break!

The box states that this serum won a Harpers Bazaar beauty award and I can see why as it packs a serious punch - I thoroughly recommend trying it.

Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum is available from various online retailers from approximately £25.99 for 30ml.

Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream*

I often shun a day cream finding that even those that claim to be light and quick to sink into the skin fail to do so and there is nothing worse in the morning when you're in a rush to get your makeup on and get out of the door to hopefully make it onto a slightly less packed train than standing fanning your face with a magazine or pressing it into a clean muslin cloth to desperately try and speed up the process - FYI, neither of those work.

Before I even applied this to my skin the first thing I noticed was the scent: vanilla pod, one of my favourite scents. The cream itself is relatively thick in texture which made me nervous at first but when applied to the face it is incredibly light and not remotely oily which I found surprising when I saw one of the key ingredients was avocado oil. Just when I thought I couldn't love avocado any more, I now think I want to bathe in it!

Despite being a light day cream, studies have shown that this cream has been proven to stimulate the production of collagen in human skin cells by up to 59% and the avocado oil helps to target fine lines so alongside the serum it's no wonder my skin is looking better than ever and since hitting 25 I want all the help I can get with potential lines!

I apply this cream every morning before I start my makeup routine and it in no way slows me down, in fact it feels like a morning treat and I don't feel as guilty about the damage the air conditioning and London pollution are doing to my skin if I'm being so kind to it before I go out and when I get home!

Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream is available for various online retailers from approximately £26.99.

I already love Antipodes and if anything, I am now more determined than ever to just own ALL of the products but more than that, they prove that you can get products that are natural and organic and effective.

I am definitely interested in trying more organic skincare and taking more care of what skincare I use - do you have any organic recommendations for me?

Vicky x

EDIT: Apologies for the delay in getting this post up, I've spent the last week without broadband at home and trying to set anything live on blogger on an iPhone is impossible - do any of you have any mobile blogger app recommendations?

6 September 2015

Lifestyle | So.. I'm going to be a wedding planner

Over the last few months, well since the start of the year really, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the future: where I'm going, what I'm doing, what I want to be doing and why. I'm not sure if it's related to the fact I turn 25 on Tuesday (eeek!) or whether it's because I've been with my current employer for nearly three years now but I know that as much as I love my job and my colleagues, I also wanted to try something new and so after many months of research and a lot of list making weighing up pros and cons I signed up to a distance learning course which I can complete in my own time and at my own pace and by the end of it I'll be a certified wedding and events planner!

All very exciting and also quite nerve wracking. With the exception of completing a professional work qualification last year I haven't had my work marked by anyone since I left university and so having to get back into the mindset of learning and creating is going to be a bit of a challenge but I'm really looking forward to it. Another benefit to doing distance learning is that I don't have to give up my job so I can carry on supporting myself financially until such a time that I feel ready to take the leap out on my own.

I'm already full to the brim with ideas and I'm really excited that I'm taking the first steps to taking control of my own life and career progression which granted I already do but I actually have the opportunity to one day be my own boss and make a success of it.

I'm going to bullet point a quick round up of other news because it's been far too long since I actually sat and blogged, I'm scheduling quite a few posts today and I am determined to get back on track. With my course I'll be spending a lot more time on the computer so it should be a lot easier!

  • We very sadly had to have our dog put to sleep after a short battle with cancer a few weeks ago which was very sad but he didn't suffer at all which was the main thing
  • I have my hair extensions back in which I am delighted about
  • I'm on a massive health kick, I want to lose 7.5kg by Christmas
  • On the subject of health kicks, I went to my first barre class recently and I hated every aspect of it, mainly because it was located in a dance studio and I've never met so many frosty pretentious people in one building before so I walked out before it started - life is too short to be in any situation you're not comfortable with
What's new with you all?!

Vicky x

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