29 October 2015

Restaurant Review | Paris - Dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel

As soon as I found out I was going to Paris I wanted to book somewhere spectacular for my birthday dinner and after some research I discovered 58 Tour Eiffel on Level One of the Eiffel Tower. Sold.

Trying to get a table was, quite frankly, a nightmare. It's such a popular venue that they're often fully booked months in advance and I only managed to secure our reservation a week before we arrived due to a late cancellation. You select the type of "offer" you want when booking and pay in advance. I went for the Sensation offer which at €98 per head wasn't cheap but it was worth every last penny. I'd pay it twice over for the same meal. Included in the price is your lift ticket, champagne on arrival, a three course meal, two glasses of wine and coffee.

The restaurant covers two sittings per night and we went for the 9pm sitting which would ordinarily be pretty late for me but actually worked out quite well after walking around Paris for hours. You take the lift up at 8:30pm and they won't let you up any earlier which is actually quite annoying when you're surrounded by the people trying to forcefully sell you tat whilst you wait which actually spoils the beauty of your surroundings but eventually we made it into the lift which again, as someone who doesn't like heights, I hated and then came the waiting. In the cold. Whilst they prepared the tables. At the time I wasn't overly happy about this but we were seated on time and the rest of the experience more than made up for this, so much so I'd forgotten about it until it came to typing this.

We were super lucky to get a window seat looking into the centre of the tower and out across the city which was absolutely spectacular. Tables are allocated prior to arrival and the amount you pay apparently has no bearing so it really is just a case of luck but wherever you're seated you're in for a treat.

I was determined to try different foods in Paris, I'm not as fussy as I once was but when you're in a city renowned for being the pinnacle of haute cuisine I couldn't resit and so I opted for something incredibly out of character for me and I hope you don't judge me for it because I know it's less than ethical.

Duck foie gras with pear and cocoa balsamic vinegar and a toasted brioche
I'd never tried foie gras before but this was beyond exceptional, it was one of the best things I've ever eaten. I struggled spreading it and first and actually uttered the words: "I can't seem to spread my foie gras on my brioche properly!" until I had a serious word with myself and vowed never to say something like that again! 

Lightly smoked salmon with dill and cucumber fromage frais, salmon eggs and a waffle
Everybody that knows me knows that I don't eat anything that lives in the sea. All fish and seafood are strictly off limits but my manager challenged me to try a piece of fish so when this arrived I managed to slice off a tiny piece to try before it was inhaled and wow - I've been missing out. I felt it tasted quite fishy (no surprise there) but it literally melted in my mouth. I'm not in any real hurry to try more fish but I'm glad that I did.

Herb stuffed chicken breast with salsifies and new potatoes, parmesan shavings and real jus 
I had no words for this meal at the time and I'm still struggling now - this was the best main course I have ever eaten. The chicken was cooked to absolute perfection, it was so tender and full of flavour and the vegetables were divine but the real winner for me was the cooked parmesan shavings. A real game changer. 

Bream fillet "a la plancha" with spelt risotto, sauteed Chinese artichoke and a purple mustard beurre blanc 
I wasn't feeling bold enough to try any more fish, not that I'd have had the chance as it was wolfed down because it was that good. The fish just flaked away and apart from the freshly caught fish in Australia, I've never seen such perfectly white fish. 

For dessert I had the profiterole with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, you'll note there isn't a picture of this because I practically swallowed the plate as soon as it arrived at the table. Incredible. The ice cream was vanilla bean ice cream and unlike any I've had before.

Service was exceptional, the location was incredible and the food was, over three courses, the best I've had in my life. I honestly cannot recommend this place enough, it left me speechless. 

Have you ever been to 58 Tour Eiffel? What is your favourite restaurant ever?

Vicky x


  1. OMG! This restaurant looks incredible. xx



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